Kassandra Picture

I have told you ... But you didn't want to listen. You all are fools - as I was one, when I refused the God's love ...

Kassandra, daughter of King Priamos of Troy wanted to be a seeress. So Apollon, God of music, poetry, medicine and prophecies, offered her the gift of foretelling - provided that she will love him. Kassandra agrees in order the become a seeress, but refuses to love Apollon.

Apollon punished Kassandra by giving her the donation of foreseeing - but nobody will ever believe her. Even as she predicts the destruction of Troy, in case the Trojans decide to pull the wooden horse, a trap of cunning Ulysses, into their city, nobody believes her. So Troy was destroyed by the Greeks.

Kassandra was carried of as a slave by Agamemnon, military leader of the Greeks and King of Mycenae - and killed by his wife Klytaimnestra.

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