Aineias' Speech Picture

I had all spring break to draw and write, but mostly I just slept and relaxed and spent time with family and friends. It was great--but I'm afraid all I have to DA-post for it is this one Iliad cartoon. I was planning for a second one, too, and I may eventually get around to it. But now it's back to school.

Anyway! Making fun of Iliad monologues! Yay! It should be noted that I wrote none of Aineias' dialogue except for the last panel; the rest is from Richmond Lattimore's translation (beginning book 20, line 200 for those who are interested).
And the initial setup: Achilles is dead ready for battle. He's going to mercilessly slaughter every Trojan he can get his hands on as he makes his way to Hector--but he listens as Aineias rambles on about his family's genealogy.
So yeah. I changed how that ended. But I've got nothing against Aineias, I swear.
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