Triton Picture

Richard Madden as Triton

Fish-tailed son and herald of Poseidon

One of the more well known gods among the minor Gods of Greek mythology is Triton. Part of the reason he is so well known is that he was popular in myths in ancient times and was even written about by Homer.

Triton is often wrongly labelled as the God of the Sea but that title actually belonged to his father Poseidon, a powerful deity in Greek mythology. Triton’s mother was Amphitrite, a goddess who apparently gave birth to dolphins and seals, and Triton of course. Although to be fair, he wasn’t all that weird amongst his brothers and sisters, what with having a fish tail and all. Triton himself was a messenger for his father and lived with both parents in a golden palace at the bottom of the sea. There’s a famous saying that goes, ‘like father, like son’ and so it seems is true in this case, as Triton followed in Daddy’s footsteps and carried a trident everywhere he went. That’s kind of like a giant fork, except it’s not used for eating, just for looking all cool and powerful. It also has the added benefit of letting the holder breathe underwater, which kind of explains why both father and son kept a tight hold of their tridents in their under-water home.

However, Triton had one thing his father didn’t which was a pretty cool conch shell. When it was blown like a trumpet it could make the sea’s waves stir up and come crashing down on enemies or alternatively calm them so that the good guys could sail past unharmed. It pretty much meant that Triton could control the sea and is what made him a complete badass essentially. Triton had lots of children, but most of them were ‘Tritons’ (someone must have spentages thinking up that super-inventive name) who weren’t really children as such. They were actually a new species of merpeople whose job it was to roam the seas with their own conch shells to do Poseidon’s bidding, presumably when Triton got bored of doing it himself. His real child though was a daughter called Pallas. He also fostered Zeus’ daughter Athena. one day, in a ‘friendly’ battle she accidently killed Pallas and was ‘so grieved’ that she built a statue of her foster sister, in remembrance.

He was capable of moving land and calming seas, and was known to possess the gift for prophecy, but he possessed little influence in the world of the gods and was considered a minor divinity. Triton appears in various Greek myths, such as the story about the Argonauts' quest for the Golden Fleece and Vergil's epic story of Aeneas and his followers' travails as they travel from the burning city of Troy to their new home in Italy -- The Aeneid: The story of the Argonauts mentions that Triton lives off the coast of Libya. In the Aeneid, Misenus blows on a shell, provoking Triton to jealousy, which the sea god resolved by sending a foaming wave to drown the mortal.


Cold - Triton is somewhat cold and arrogant, but he is extremely loyal to his father and mother and protective of his sisters.

Sacred Symbols and Animals

Conch Shell - Triton almost always has a conch shell somewhere with his image, and it is the most common symbol associated with him.

Trident - Some items that are often used to set Triton apart from regular mermen in ancient Greek artwork are the conch shell, or conch shell trumpet, as well as a trident.

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