Day 1: Harpy Picture

I'm redoing the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. that I found on tumblr and previously attempted. With slightly better drawing ability this time.

This is Day 1, a Harpy.

Harpies are bird women from Greek mythology Their original story was they stole food from Phineas (a man who could see into the future).
Phineas pissed off Zeus by being a prophet so he blinded him and left him on an island with a buffet of food that he could never eat because the harpies kept stealing it.
They also stole food from Aeneas and the Trojans on the Strophades.
In Dante's Inferno, they haunt the trees in a wood in the seventh ring of hell, torturing those who died from suicide.

I'm happy with the feathers. First time I've ever drawn them and they turned out quite well.
I'm also improving when it comes to hair.
I still don't like my style much. But whatcha gonna do.

Can't do backgrounds nyeeeeeh.

GIMP. 4 hours or so in total.
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