The Gardener - Creation Myth Picture

In the beginning, Ilion was only red and black. The air was toxic to breathe and nothing could be eaten. There were no people.

Four visitors came to Pandaros from the stars. They lived in a bubble of their own air, harvesting plants and animals for purposes unknown.

The devil’s archer saw them stealing its food, and with a volley of arrows banished the visitors to the stars.

But one man was hit. Tethered to the trees, trapped by the archer, he had to be left behind.

In revenge, he produced a handful of green seeds and tossed them in the air. They germinated instantly on contact with the soil and spread across the continent. To this day, vazhuka cardamom thrives in the rashlands and riverbanks of Pandaros.

The seeds grew inside of him and strangled the tether of the devil’s archer until it rotted away. He became the Gardener, and white flowers bloomed anywhere his feet touched ground. Once freed, the Gardener looked up and saw a falling star.

The star crashed onto the shores of Aeneas and nine people spilled out. The Gardener was lonely, so he flew across the sea to meet them.

But the people ignored him. They harvested the plants and animals, walked the shores in a bubble of their own air, and grew green plants in vats of their own water.

The Gardener was furious. He called forth the lightning and liberated the brassicas, cabbages, and potatoes. The visitors were banished, once more, to the stars.

Over time, the green plants spread across the world and changed the air. When man visited Ilion for the third and last time, they found the air was breathable and the plants good to eat. Grateful, they welcomed the Gardener into their colony with open arms.

This is my first real experiment with the Future Ilion idea I've toyed with in the past. Like many myths, this one is rooted in history.

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