Original - Dynamite Picture

My two characters in ~Schemilix's and my RP (:

They're still pretty underdeveloped, but I like their designs ( [link] ), even if they are a bit nonsensical. Partially inspired from my two favourite things: Final Fantasy 12 and Vinland Saga, ohohoho.

Jotunn is impulsive, cheeky, and a wannabe tank. Youngest of five much older brothers, he is constantly striving to prove himself to be a badass. Enjoys getting lost if it means adventure.

Achates is a family servant (though he is technically free), and is pretty cranky, snarky, and overall a worry wart. He takes care of Jotunn, and saw him grow up, so he's pretty parental towards the guy. Jotunn sees him as an older brother who nags a lot.

Achates is named after Aeneas's ever-loyal friend, from the Aeneid. Jotunn is named after the giants in Norse mythology.
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