Carthage Picture

this was done in the wee hours of the night. finished two hours before I had to turn it in. art class?


british liturature! fun class. love mythology.
The assignment was to draw a scene from book I of THE AENEID. I drew the scene where Aeneas, the main character is told by his mother Aphrodite (Venus), who had just revealed herself after she tricked him into thinking she was a human huntress, to go to the city of Carthage and see the queen Dido. Aphrodite puts a veil on Aeneas and his companion, Achates, so no one will see them enter the city.

excerpt: lines 423-437

and as she turned, her shoulders,
shone with a radiant light; her hair shed fragrance,
her robes slipped to her feet, and the true goddess
walked in divinity. He knew his mother,
and his voice pursued her flight:" Cruel again!
Why mock your son so often with false phantoms?
Why may not hand be joined to hand, and words
Exchanged in truthfulness?" so, still reproachful,
he went on toward the city, with Achates,
But Venus cast dark air around their going,
a veil of mist, so that no man might see them
or lay a hand on them, or halt them, asking
The reasons of thier coming. She soared upward
To Paphos, happily home to temple and altars,
steaming with incense, redolent with garlands.
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