Almace Picture

The dark and silver robot was made to be the repository for all of fighting styles and military strategies of an alien race known as the Kuari. He and his twin known as Aegis were sent into space and eventually made their way to Earth where the meteor that killed the dinosaurs shut both of them down. Now found and reactivated in the current day, the robot’s programming kicked in and he instinctively gutted the boy in front of him. His twin scolded him and took the boy’s mind into itself to preserve him. Riddled with guilt, the robot stayed in this mood till his twin came bursting in. Following his twin, the robot escaped the Providence organization, tracked down, requested and formally joined Locum.

Being the finest warrior in the galaxy, at least to himself, Almace is very arrogant, thinking nobody can match his combat skills. He is also opportunistic, making the best of a situation to his advantage.

Robotic Physiology: Just as his brother Aegis was created to be a defender, Almace was made to be the ultimate weapon. As such, he has many abilities including:

· Shapeshifting: Almace’s body is made of very elastic and almost rubbery metal. He however, is not as disciplined as his brother so he can only change his hands into weapons.

· Energy blasts: Almace can shoot green blasts of an unknown energy that temporarily knocks out opponents on its lowest setting and kills them at its highest.

· Superhuman Endurance: Since he possess no living matter, Almace will continue to do his job until he dies. Otherwise, he will do all he can to complete it.

· Superhuman Stamina: Almace, being a machine, always gives 100% effort unless instructed otherwise.

· Comm Block: Almace is capable of producing a dead zone around his body for about 5 feet radius.

· Expert Combatant: Being programmed to be the most powerful fighter of the Kuari as well as housing the memories of their finest warriors of their history, Almace is an expert combatant.


· EMP: being a machine, Almace is vulnerable to devices that can shut down machinery.

· Like Aegis, Almace houses the brains of the Kuari’s finest warriors, all of which have a different opinion, making decision making very hard.

Almace is the name of a mythological weapon.

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