Marionette of 'Mercy' - Pandora Hope-Spark Picture

Teehee. Told ya she's way different from her chained-up mode! Let's see...

Her 'face' is really a mask.
Her 'hands' are her shoulders.
Her 'fingers' are just chain-links.
Her 'right arm' is completely fake.
That gold chain is her real right arm.
Her 'left arm' is just a sleeve.
She's adorable and not some weird grey chain-monster.

...Yeah, this design was a lot of fun to make. Also, that's her name there on her left shoulder: "PAnD01A" with a backwards 1. ...AKA "Pandora." Her full title is "Pseudo Anti-Demon Weapon Type 01-Aegis", aegis in this case referring to shields.

YEP, I named a being whose themes are hope and mercy Pandora. In Greek mythology, Pandora is the one who opened a box that unleashed the world's evils, but also held inside it a tiny light: hope.

This Pandora represents that hope, hence the whole lock-and-key theme. In her chained up form, she's essentially inside of a flexible metal box, after all! :3

....I'd keep rambling, but I'm sleepy and I'm not sure what else to say...

My characters, my story, no stealing.
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