The Civil Defenders Picture

Main title of our superhero comics my friends and I will be producing, this sketch features an older lineup with some extended characters that really are only in the teal reserves. From left to right, you have The Druidess (sorceress supreme, she has vast magical powers and can control animals, plants and weather), Senator Civil (leader of the team, inheritor of the cosmic powers of The Galactic, and an actual member of the U.S. senate), Hygeia (powerful phsychic with the ability to heal or harm living things), Aegis (in an older, defunct costume, canadian pilot who wields a magical shield made of Prima Materia), Leap-Frog (genetic crossbreed of human and animal DNA that can jump...probably not a long-lived character in the grand scheme of things...), and in the back, The Blessed Bran (giant warrior-king of ancient welsh mythology) and Molecula (shrinking character, sitting on Bran's shoulder). The team has been refined since then and now includes Senator Civil, Aegis, The Druidess, Emerald Sphynx (not shown here) and the Reactor (also not shown in this picture.
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