Edo Period Marvel: The Regalia Picture

For a while, I've been trying to come up with a new Marvel Mangaverse, but recently, I've been coming back to the idea of a Marvel universe set mostly in Edo Period Japan, so I just ran with that.

The Regalia, shown above, is my Edo Period Avengers.

There are a LOT of characters in the Marvel universe, so it'll be hard to mix them with Japanese mythology.

Kiseki Yuniba-su (Marvel Universe)

The Regalia (Avengers):

Captain Japan:
Counterpart of: Captain America
Real Name: Shinobu Yamashita
Biography: Shinobu Yamashita was a samurai born during the Edo period of Japan’s history. During the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, in which Shinobu fought for the Clans of Eastern Japan, he was captured by the Western Clans’ forces, fearful that he would be the key to the Eastern Clans’ victory. Shinobu tried to fight his way out of prison, but the West’s most fearsome general, the Red Skull, sealed him in a mystically-bound coffin, and tossed into the Sea of Japan. The Clans of the East were still victorious over the West, and the Red Skull was hunted down and executed. In the 1640s, the coffin that Shinobu was confined within was retrieved by agents of T.A.T.E. , Territorial Agency in the Termination of Enemies. Shinobu, who had not aged a day, was awakened from his half-a-century slumber by T.A.T.E. Director Naoki Fungeki. Shinobu was soon reunited with his son, who grew up to become the Silver Samurai, Japan’s greatest hero and symbol of power. When a terrorist group called OROCHI, led by Lord Ziamoto XIII, attacked the city of Edo (the future Tokyo) and defeated Silver Samurai and his team, Musha Roku, the goddess Amateratsu-Okami blessed Shinobu with the “Yata No Kanagi”, which he used to defeat the OROCHI. With an immeasurable force coming to threaten Earth, Amateratsu tasks Shinobu with assembling a team of heroes to combat it, starting with her brother Susanoo, the storm god who uses the sword “Kusanagi No Tsurugi”, and Armored Man, who uses the “Yasakani No Magatama” jewel to power his robotic armor.
Powers: Wields the “Yata no kanagi,” an unbreakable magic mirror the size of a shield, which grants him superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/reflexes. The mirror can also reflect light to blind enemies and create a laser-beam.

Armored Man:
Counterpart of: Iron Man
Real Name: Taichi Sakamoto
Biography: When the Chinese invaded Korea for the second time in 1636, Korea turned to Japanese weapons-making genius Taichi Sakamoto for new innovations in self-defense. Taichi sold them for 5% of their gold reserves the ‘Zennyo Ryuo’, a missile that drops tinier bombs over the general area it flies over (named for a rain-creating dragon). Since trading with foreigners was illegal at the time, the Emperor ordered the capture of Taichi. Leading the search was Osamu Saito, a samurai and former friend of Taichi’s father. Taichi was eventually captured, but instead of being turned over to the Emperor, he was trapped in a cave and forced by Osamu to create a weapon capable of overthrowing the Shogunate. During the weeks he was incarcerated, Taichi discovered a blue jewel that pulsated with blue energy when he touched it. Using the jewel as an energy source, he created a suit of mechanized armor outfitted with weapons- NOT to help Osamu topple the government, but to escape the cave and battle Osamu’s followers. Taichi saved the emperor from Osamu and was granted a pardon for his crimes. Taichi decided to use his technology, wealth, and intellect to battle evil as the Armored Man. He later joins Captain Japan and other heroes in a battle against a major enemy, calling their new alliance the Regalia.
Powers: Armor powered by the crystal “Yasakani no Magatama” that grants the wearer flight and super strength. Armor also outfitted with energy cannons in palms and chest.

Counterpart of: Thor
Alias: Dr. Daisuke Bonoko
Biography: Susanoo is the God of Sea and Storms, brother of Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi. They were spawned by Izanagi, King of the Gods, when he washed himself of the toxins of Yomi, the underworld. His sword, “Kusanagi No Tsurugi”, was pulled by him from the innards of the serpent Orochi when he killed it to prevent a mortal woman from being devoured by it. Tired of his son’s brashness, Izanagi decides his son needs to be taught humility and consequently places Susanoo (without memories of godhood) into the body and memories of an existing, partially disabled human doctor named Daisuke Bonoko. Susanoo’s memories eventually return in Daisuke’s mind, and he gains the ability to change into Susanoo with his walking stick (which changes into Kusanagi). He joins the Regalia to defeat a cosmic threat and stays with the team.
Powers: Possesses the godly qualities of immortality and superhuman strength. Wields the magic sword “Kusanagi no Tsurugi”, which allows him to control the weather and seas, fly on wind currents, and fling lightning bolts; the sword always returns to Susanoo’s hand when thrown. Daisuke can transform into Susanoo by stamping twice on the ground with his walking stick, and Susanoo can change back into Daisuke by stabbing the ground twice. Daisuke is a master of 16th Century Japanese medicine.

The Hibagon:
Counterpart of: The Hulk
Alias: Yukai
Biography: On the outskirts of the city of Hiroshima, a young girl named Kazue Kondo befriended a hibagon, a gigantic apeman with green fur. She fed him, nursed him back to health, and named him “Yukai”. Though they did not speak the same language, Kazue understood that Yukai lost his memories. Kazue returned to her home one night to find her father, a former samurai who was dishonorably discharged, in a drunken rage. He forced himself on her, but her screams were loud enough to reach Yukai in the forest, who rushed over and broke the father’s limbs… all five of them. The villagers attacked the Hibagon and Kazue ran away with him. Kazue and Yukai now travel Japan, searching for Kazue’s mother, who ran away from her abusive husband. Yukai sometimes battles enemies such as The Leader, an evil scientist and monster hunter who wishes to harness the Hibagon’s strength, the Onmoraki, a female bird demon, the Zanki, the lightning demon, and Akugyaku, the king of the Oni tribe that rivals a tribe of hibagon. When they reach Edo, the Hibagon and Kazue informally join the Regalia.
Powers: Massive strength/speed/stamina/durability/senses.

Real Name: Taka Manako
Biography: For decades, the villages of the Hitachi Province have been at war with the Tengu, a bird-like race of demons led by the Daitengu Tsukuba and his sister Natsumi. The archers of the Hitachi Province are the greatest anti-tengu forces, but a young archery apprentice named Oushi Manako, grown tired of the cycle of bloodletting, left his village. His younger brother Taka became Master Shichiro’s new apprentice, taking the name “Hawkeye.” After the Men of Tendai defeated Tsukuba and made Natsumi the Queen of Tengu, she forged a peace treaty between the tengu and the villagers. Taka left his village and joined the Regalia in search of his brother, who maybe using his superior aim as a paid assassin…
Powers: Master of Kyudo, Japanese art of archery. Uses a daikyu, a Japanese longbow, and an arsenal of arrows each with different effects, such as poison, fire, and explosives. Also carries a short dagger for close-quarters defense.

Counterpart of: Henry Pym
Real Name: Hiraku Pymana
Biography: Many years ago, a band of samurai and priests did battle with Urutora the Nue, a horrible demon with the head of a baboon, the body of a wolf, the limbs of a tiger, the wings of an eagle, and a poisonous snake for a tail. Urutora tormented the people of the village for years, until the priests were able to seal him within a cave. The samurai and priests guarded the cave until the hibernation enchantments took effect, but most of them had died of starvation until then. Years later, some university students, including one Hiraku Pymana, investigated a graveyard, where Hiraku discovered some red berries that increased his size; meanwhile, the other students accidentally found and unlocked the tomb of Urutora, who attacked the city. Hiraku ate enough red berries to make him the size of Urutora. They battled to a stand-still, but Urutora was able to overpower him. Urutora was about to finish Hiraku, when a ninja girl named Junko attacked Urutora, buying Hiraku enough time to regain his strength. Hiraku and Junko defeated Urutora, who swore revenge and ran off. Hiraku and Junko fell in love and now use their talents to fight evil as Stature and the Wasp, members of the Regalia.
Powers: When he eats the red magic berries, he grows to up to 15 times the size of a normal person (depending on how many he eats). He later found blue berries cause him to shrink to the size of an ant. The effects of the berries wear off after a day. He sprayed his costume with juice from the magic berries so they change size with him; when he shrinks, his mask “grows” a set of hollow antennae that are filled with ant pheromones, so he can control ants.

The Wasp:
Counterpart of: Janet Van Dyne
Real Name: Junko Fujita
Biography: Junko Fujita was an orphan adopted by Ninja Master Scorpion, a member of the ninja guild known as The Hand. Sasori taught her the ways of the insect ninjas, turning her into a deadly assassin loyal to the Palm of the Hand, the leader of the guild. During her initiation, she was sent to assassinate a peasant couple who failed to pay the Hand for protection from Yagguza thugs. Junko attacked them, but they recognized her as their daughter, who was taken from them as a baby. Junko left the Hand and swore revenge against them. Junko later met Hiraku Pymana as she saved him from the monster Urutora. Now calling herself “The Wasp”, she and Hiraku (as Stature) are members of the Regalia.
Powers: Super speed/agility/stamina/reflexes. Carries an arsenal of throwing needles (sanban) which she usually coats in poisons, along with other ninja tools.
Practitioner of Apoidea-Style Ninja Arts:
“Insect Queen Form”- Shrinks to the size of an insect and grows wings to fly.
“Waxwork Spray”- Regurgitates a waxy substance that is unbreakable when it hardens.
“Chakra Eggsac”- Regurgitates a slime encoded with extra chakra that explodes on contact.
“Healing Nectar”- Secrets a honey-like substance that cleanses the human body of toxins and promotes rapid cellular division for healing wounds.
“Insect Swarm”- Summons a swarm of flying, stinging insects that follow her mental commands.
“Summon Suzumebachi-ouja”- Summons the Hornet King, a giant intelligent hornet loyal to her; the Hornet King can fly, split into multiple horse-sized hornets, and consume dangerous substances.

Caduceus & Concordia:
Counterparts of: Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch
Real Names: Erik Jr. & Lidia Eisenhart
Biography: Erik Jr. and Lidia Eisenhart are the twin children of German foreigner Erik Eisenhart and his Japanese wife Megumi. Erik Sr. originally came to Japan to learn how to control his natural-born psionic powers, training alongside Shiro Ximizu, the future leader of the Men of Tendai. Many foreigners were persecuted by the people of Japan in those days, so the people of the village attacked Erik's home, killing the parents and leaving Erik Jr. crippled. Lidia trained for 3 years in the art of magic, first using her powers to restore the use of her brother's legs (which in inadvertently gave him super-speed). The twins then constructed new bodies for their parents' souls from scrap metal. The magic process that bound their minds and souls to the metal bodies was seen by the villagers and they attacked. Erik Sr.'s mental power combined with his daughter's magic and new body to become control over all metal, and he killed the villagers. Now calling himself Aegis, he fled from the outside world with his wife and kids, and formed his own underground kingdom, “Avalon”, where empowered and non-human beings can be free from persecution and prepare for their conquest of normal humanity. Erik Jr. and Lidia, realizing he's lost his way, left their father’s kingdom to defend humankind as Caduceus and Concordia. They joined the Regalia, but also helped The Men of Tendai battle Aegis’ forces.
Powers: Caduceus can move at superhuman speeds. Concordia can manifest golden spheres of magic energy.

The Vision:
Biography: Genzou the Shōjō is one of the five sons of Urutora. He and his stepbrothers, Kaori the Hōkō,
Ganmi the Byakko, Tacchi the Suzaku, and Hia the Jatai, aided the samurai and priests in sealing away their mad father. After their father was sealed, Genzou discovered a magic sake recipe that gave him magic powers and used it to protect his mother and their tribe of Shōjō. After Hiraku and his friends unwittingly released Urutora, he hunted down his own traitorous sons after being defeated by Stature and Wasp. Genzou used an enchantment to shroud his home in a mist of the magic sake, and he joined the Regalia to defeat Urutora.
Powers: Drinks magic sake to turn intangible, fly, and regenerate. The magic sake only works if you are pure of heart, otherwise you’ll be sick to your stomach for a week.

Mentioned Characters:
T.A.T.E.: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Naoki Fungeki: Nick Fury
Lord Ziamoto XIII: Baron Zemo XIII
Musha Roku: Big Hero Six

Osamu Saito: Obadiah Stane (Iron Monger)

Daisuke Bonoko: Donald Blake

Kazue Kondo: Bruce Banner
Onmoraki: The Harpy
Zanki: Zzzax
Akugyaku: Abomination

Tsukuba: D’Ken
Natsumi: Lilandra
Master Shichiro: Trickshot
Men of Tendai: The X-Men

Urutora: Ultron

Yagguza: The Maggia

Aegis: Magneto
Megumi: Magda
Shiro Ximizu: Charles Xavier


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