Puppy Pile Picture

I was overcome with the horrific urge last night to draw something...cute (shudder).

So, here we are.

No, they are not lesbians (despite what fanfiction will tell you). This is Aegis, my OC, and Wonder Woman enjoying a nap. The way i figure it, Diana grew up on an island where everybody knew each other and sleeping with a friend (minds OUT of the gutter please) wouldn't be that uncommon. I imagine it might be a bit of a culture shock to come to Man's World and find that just wasn't done.

This is a scene from a comic i was considering doing (and have actually started) where Aegis, Wonder Woman and somebody else, share a flat together. Aegis finds out that Wondie can't sleep properly on her own and decides to be a good flatmate by offering a much needed cuddle.

I can't beleive this occured to me.

The faun and sphynx are called Smut and Vulgar respectively and they're only cute when they're sleeping. The snake is Aegis' pet and i've not decided on a name for it yet.

Needless to say, when Ares gets back from his Avengers business and walks in on this...could be interesting.
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