Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War Picture

This has to be one of my most difficult creations on Doll Divine. I actually hurt my hand getting the picture right. For a while, I couldn't understand what was wrong w/ my other pictures of Athena on the site until I realized that she lacked her famous symbols, such as her war helmet, her owls, her Aegis (shield), and a weapon of some sort. Since the Roman Lady game lacks all of that, I had to MAKE it all out of beads, (though the shield is made mostly out of coins and roses). Her helmet is also made from coins and beads, and it was the hardest part b/c the lady's head is at such a funny angle. Everybody likes painting Athena in profile or straight on with the war helmet on.

Artists and films have often portrayed Athena with dark hair, and it would make sense that the ancient Greeks (a mostly dark-haired ethnic group in general), would think one of their most popular goddesses would have dark hair too. However, I kept thinking of her as a blond, and in a number of sources I read on her myths, she was described as being fair-haired and gray-eyed. So, I decided to go against the grain and make her a blond this time around.

I actually made 2 versions of this doll, 1 w/ a dark background & 1 w/ a light background. I had a hard time choosing b/w them because the light background made Athena's owl hard 2c, but the dark background also made her helmet plume hard to see :/ I ended up submitting both images on Doll-Divine, though the one w/ the light background has gotten more positive response than the dark one.

The light background version of Athena has gotten 1 Crown for Pretty, 1 for Accurate, 3 Crowns for Intricate, & 2 for Original. The dark background version has gotten 1 Crown for Pretty & 1 for Intricate.
(How can she be "accurate?" Athena's a mythological figure, open to interpretation like anything else in the human imagination).
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