Symphogear Legends - Aegis Gear design Picture

The design of Caren's Symphogear, Aegis.
Aegis can be used for attacking and defending, depends on the form of the shields.
The skills are listed below, I might add more if I have the idea.

Skill list (Temporary names and effects) :
Gorgoneion (Γοργόνειον) - The shield opens and the middle jewel inside shoots beam that can turn the target to stone, if the target is weak, their body will crumble to dust in seconds.
Prometheus Force (δύναμη Προμηθεύς) - The shield opens and the three main jewel inside shoots energy beam that will fry the enemy to crisp. Effective against mob of enemies.
Apollo Force (δύναμη Απόλλωνα) - The shield peels open and reveals all the jewel inside to shoot concentrated huge burning laser beam. Powered form of Prometheus Force. Inspired from Miku's Shenshou Jing.
Titan's Skin (Τιτάνα δέρματος) - The shields retract to form greater defending area, and increasing defending power. Caren cannot move when using this skill.
Athena Extermination (Αθηνά Εξόντωση) - All the shield releasing themselves from Caren's armor, peels open and float to strike the target rapidly with funnel-style beams. After rapid shoot, the shields combine to create a gigantic beam cannon to obliterate the enemy. It's Caren's favorite yet she rarely uses it.

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