Proteus Picture

The time is roughly 60 centuries ago from now. Warm oceans from the planet of Pelasgea are becoming colder in the neighbourhood. Primitive amphibian species are developing separated tails and more hydro-dinamic fish fins. The minds of the Protean species are sharp and their mystic initiatory knowledge will likely help them in the migration to ground.

Pelasgea is home to many cultures. As in the nearby galaxy, anthropoid civilized creatures began to gather and lost communication with pretty much all the therions. But the Protean still reminds some of their language, and they will likely help the anthropoids. In their innocence (or ignorance, if there is any difference between the two), they've spawned and/or procreated with male-only Minotaur Species and with lesser caste of Satyrs (which are male, female and other genders). That spring of life wouldn't be a problem, if only the Minotaurs weren't forcing a brutal agriculture labor-oriented dictatorial process in the already unstable planet.

Tradition has it that all this mess began with a Themisian Priestess missing her 'husband' (that term is pretty much modern in this context). In the way to find him, she left her daughter and set out with her handmaiden in means to find him on the other edge of the ocean. Happened to be that the daughter, missing her mother, sought after the same, and was helped by Proteans. That eventually led the Proteans into Pelasgean Society. Out of this 'help', however, she developed bonds with them and bore spawns. But tradition is told by patriarchs.

The husband was Oceanos, the Mother of the Melissai was Despoina-Phoibe, her daughter Potnia-Kore was lured by shape-shifting Proteus and the handmaiden was no one but Hekate. Proteus was actually another shape of the same Oceanos, as Hydros itself. The Maiden helped the tricked family into reaching a cave beyond the realm of the Proteans. There, as led by Twelve Relics, they shared to their own likes the power structure of the planet.

Soon, Moon, Sun and Astral bodies began to shift, the zodiacal signs conflicted with day-time sky and night came to be in the all-evening lands of Hesperia. The nymphs who escaped to the oceans drowned and were reborn as the Lampades, to forever follow the handmaiden, virgin which still hold the power of the torches (be it hekatean or vestan) and stole the proeminence of the daughter.
The lineage of the daughter would find herself other handmaidens, witches of the astral bodies, a series of Pasiphaes, Circes and Aeetes' daughters, Medeas. From Pasiphae, star-based Minotaurs, through Asterion, would enforce the Pelasgeans to cruelties such as Tredian Phalaris' and slavery. Through Medea, history would resist, but Triton 'Heroes' from generations after would be put to test. From Circe, Phaunus would be born once again by Hydros in disguise, and the Satyr caste would spread errance and libertine behaviour. The Melissai family would find a pelasgean Order to now outcast Phoibean Mother. From it, the religious leaders would trust in the few reminiscent Proteans to lead themselves to 'transformation' (similarly in the manner as evolution can be understood in modern sense). They needed to resist a shifting world which lacked the sustenance of the twelve relics. Once separated, they never were joined again.

Tradition tells again that Daughter grow weary of the Mother and the Maiden was on her own right refusing to serve. That opened breach to Kings and patriarchs into mining the actions of the religious order, and soon it all became rather clerical. And then, familiar structures were born. When naturally challenged, they were forcefully adopted. But all went wrong when Lycaon and the werewolves (similar to Akhs except having no affinities to Xnobius and hidden elements) caused unprecedent carnage among the four kingdoms of Pelasgea.

Since the great parting ('Eurynome'), Hesperia would shift to Pelasgea, and the four cardinal points would have to sustain the Titanic Pillars (Koios, Hyperion, Krios and Iapetus) through an inner limitation, a consuming force that only Hydros could resist - the Deadly Streams. But the Mother, the Daughter and the Maiden all knew the figure of the Water God, they understood his changing nature and trickster skills. They were sure he would try to gather them and their possessions through covert means, such as through the discovery of the hidden elements.
But there was a truce, and a flood destroyed Pelasgea. It became a myth. Those who survived were Deucalion, Pyrrha and those which sought guidance of the Proteans. They would evolve to firmly-legged Tritons and could finally join underwater and surface cities, driving back yet another menace too much greater than Minotaurs, Satyrs or Werewolves. The three women became legends, parts of the subconscious, to be awaken and rise anew in younger generations. Themisian Order would contact interplanetary assistance and Hermes Trismegistos would help the Proteus into becoming Tritons. The Olympians would be born and, once again, Poseidon would find, through Demeter, the lost lineage of those which dared to part the unity of the planet.

Thus was conceived the Three Laws, through Themis, Moira and Nemesis. That concept predated Ma'at's influence on the Per Aa counsellors and also the wars of Oracles and Drakainas. And Proteus, with the earth-shaking Trident, would be sure to keep an eye on the Kerikeyion, a relic inherited by the Melissai and given to Trismegistus to help rebuild the world from ruin.
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