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          Dreamselfy game © It's maker
          Zenith Island © ~8-bitDream
          Ayaka © ~Me

            ~Artist's Comments~
          She's one of my Zenith Island OCs. Luckily, I only have two xD
          She has a background because I made this a long time ago, I just forgot about it xD

          Her Information: NEARLY FINISHED

            --Basic Info--

          1) Name: Ayaka Pati
          1.5) Full Name: Ayaka Aqua Pati
          2) Pronunciation:
          Ayaka(AH - y ah - k uh) Aqua(ah-quh) Pati(Pa-tea)
          3) Meaning: "The Summer Water Surfer Rides"
          4) Nickname(s): Aya (Japanese for "Design" "Art" or "Beautiful"; Hebrew for "to fly swiftly," or "Bird" [Deeper Meaning])
          5) (Present)Age: 17
          6) BirthDay: March 13th
          7) Gender: Female ♀
          8) Occupation: Swimming around in waters, luring nearby sailors to their deaths by with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island: Sirenum scopuli.


          1) All Appearance(s): Before Now
          2) Hair Color: Blue/Aqua
          3) Hair Style: Long; Wavy like the sea
          4) Eye Color: Purple
          5) Style of Clothing: Wears anything, but wears bathingsuits more.
          6) Skin Color: Tan-ish
          7) Height: 5'5' ft
          8) Weight: 120 lbs

            --Fun Facts--

          1) Species: Siren(Σειρήν Seirēn)
          2) Family: Sisters
          3) Blood Type: B+
          4) Nationalities: Greek/Roman (& any other type of mythology that has sirens)
          5) Sexuality: Bisexual
          6) Love Interest: None/Single
          7) Good Qualities: Has a wonderfully beautiful voice;
          8) Bad Qualities: Lures men(and sometimes women) to their deaths with said voice;


          1) Personality: She's kind and sweet, but since she's a siren if she sings to you, she'll either steal your soul or cause you inner torment for the rest of your mortal life. She's not a bad person, just beautiful voice is bad. That's all.
          2) Likes: Swimming; Dancing;
          3) Loves: Singing; Flying; Surfing;
          4) Dislikes: How her song voice cause such terrible outcomes.
          5) Hates: Other than bringing sailors to their deaths, she doesn't really hate anything.
          6) Phobia(s): Keraunophobia(Fear of thunder and lightning); Lockiophobia(Fear of childbirth.);
          7) Hobbies: Luring young sailors to their death obviously; Singing; Swimming; Flying;
          8) Background Information:
          She is a daughter of one of the sirens of Sirenum Scopuli: Peisinoe, Aglaope, and Thelxiepeia (Since it's not said which siren sings, plays the flute and plays the harp I put them all there). Her home was Sirenum Scopuli, which is located between Aeaea and the rock of Scylla in the Bermuda Triangle, otherwise known as the Sea of Monsters. Sirenum Scopuli was once her home, now she lives at Zenith Island.

            --EXTRA INFO--

          Peisinoe is pronounced pee-see-NOH-ee
          Aglaope is pronounced agh-lah-OH-pee. (Here, gh has a soft sound, similar to spanish LL, or "y" in "yell")
          Thelxiepeia is pronounced thel-ksee-EH-pee-ah. (here, "th" sounds like in "theater")

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