God of Titans Teaser Page Picture

It has been a while since I posted anything... school and work have eaten my soul... and then just spitted it out for a moment... ugh...
Neway... Heres something I've done recently... I colored it with prismacolor markers and did the background color and a few touch-ups with photoshop... not all the pages in my comic will be in color... just the first three haha

I'm working hard on my third story... its going well so far ^_^.

On this page we find the three judges of the Underworld, Minos (blue-hair), Rhadamanthys (one in green) and Aeacus (blonde)... I can't give away what they are doing, its a secret, until you buy my comic ~_^

Well I hope you like the artwork... maybe I will add the text later... its not very interesting though...

Talk to later everyone <3
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