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If any of you thought of Clash of the Titans after clicking this, I applaud you.

So, you've seen a lot of Spica--wait no you haven't. But... Out of the, what, three pictures I've uploaded? Two of them have been of Spica. So. ... So basically you kind of have the story of her interstellar adventures. ... Not her adventures, really, but the importance. Well, at one point, their training camp on Earth was infested with the TIC virus (Terrestrial something something or other. I can't remember, but that's basically what they've been trying to fight off, because it's some alien virus that gets into your body and eats you from the inside out.) and they had to relocate to the space station headquarters to continue their training.

As they were on their way, the space station was invaded by Perseus and Andromeda (yes, the constellations, or Greek myths if you really wanna get down to it. I didn't realize their close association both constellation-wise and myth-wise until afterward), two leaders of a foreign planet that also shot down one of the airships that was making its way to the space station [it happened to be Spica's airship, in which Spica, Nathan (Sirius, a homosapien rex, which is the offspring of the genetically enhanced/bred super soldiers, and also Spica's battle partner) and Taurus (another homosapien rex, Nathan's twin/brother, who turns out to be a traitor), and Echo (Spica's former battle-parter and best friend turned enemy] and it was forced to crash-land on a foreign planet not located on the radar, in which was soon after dubbed "Poseidon" for its watery foundation.

Poseidon was a poor planet made up of failing villages, large oceans, and lush forests. Growing crops was an unsuccessful effort as they were constantly washed away by harsh weather conditions, rainstorms, tidal waves and tsunamis, and vicious predators. The planet was inhabited by strange amphibian-humans evolved to live in Poseidon's conditions. Sergeant-majors Selphi and Fang were aboard the space station at the time it was invaded, and Perseus quickly took Selphi as a hostage back to this planet, which served as his and Andromeda's home.

Vega Librus's ship "Orion" is called in for help after the planet is finally located, the space station, for the most part, cleared of the enemy, and after some discussion, Poseidon is promised a bright future. Perseus therefore returned the group of privates, the lieutenant, and the sergeant-majors to Vega's ship, though as they trekked through the forest, an enormous wave of water crashed into them, washing private Echo away and instantly killing her, seriously wounding sergeant-major Fang, and nearly killing the already injured Spica with hypothermia.

Short story long? Selphi does end up falling in love with Perseus after getting over Taurus's lack of attention for her. Stockholm syndrome, much?

Okay, straying away from the back story, I'm really kind of impressed with myself for drawing this, because I can't usually draw men all that well at all. That's all I really have to say about this though.

Perseus © ~Tryniti at deviantART [M. L. Brookes]
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