Ashes of the Wronged Picture

Oh my gosh I'm stupidly excited about this.

Three hours of work and while it's far from perfect (Iago looks like friggin' Danny Phantom/Duncan's pupils don't stand out) this is the first time I've drawn more than a pen sketch of the LuckTone family.

I've still no plans to return to the fandom, but with any hope, I'll at least crank out a few family/shipping/situational drawings of the final version, in hopes of finally clearing up confusion.

Left to right: Gertrude, Danae, Iago, Duncan and Brutus.

Gertrude was born first, then Iago, Brutus, Duncan and Danae.

A little bit about each pup:

Named for Hamlet's mother in Shakespeare's infamous play. Is considered one of the least vicious (physically) out of the lucktone pups. Because of her appearance and abnormalities she and her siblings have, Gertrude has a strong distaste for her parents. One of Gertrude's widely known traits is that she is emotionally unstable. This trait often causes her to make small problems escalate into a more serious issue. Another thing is that Gertrude NEEDS attention in order to "function" properly. For example, if she was left alone for a long while, she would become a sobbing wreck, and cling onto the first person she sees. And if she doesn't find anyone to cling to, she will become emotionally blank and run out of steam... feeling like there is no hope left in the world. However around her siblings, Gertrude can change her personality slightly.. or drastically depending on who she is around at the time. The pup she is closest to is Danae. She doesn't have a best friend or any kind of love interest since others were always scared of her.

Named after Perseus' mother in Greek mythology, Danae is the primary protagonist. She is the youngest of the five. Suffers from depression but otherwise mentally competent. A nervous, young but sweet little girl lurks behind that depression, but doesn’t come out often. It’s through her eyes much of the story is told. Hates both of her parents for abandoning her and wishes she could have a happy, normal family like everyone else. Made fun of a lot by others due to being inbred and having three legs. Close to her aunt and uncle Cadpig and Tripod, who raised her from nearly birth. Danae's best friends are Ace (Patch/Angel's son) and Roger Radcliffe. She gets along with Duncan at times, and Gertrude, in the rare moments she's stable. Ace does not live on the farm; when he isn't around, Danae spends her time sitting on Roger's desk, listening to him talk and 'helping' him work.Danae is the one that foils Iago’s ultimate ploy against the farm by alerting Roger of the situation. She is the only LuckTone pup to reach adulthood. Danae is the only LuckTone pup to bare her father's horseshoe spots. She's also the only one with both her mother's eyes, and hates it.

Like his namesake in Shakespeare's Othello, Iago is the primary antagonist. He is the eldest son. Arguably the most intelligent puppy on the farm; a high functioning sociopath and expert puppet master. It’s through his eyes portions of the story are told as well. Manipulates Siggy to be his right hand man, fools him into believing they’re friends. Also manipulates several others including his brothers Duncan and Brutus, Ottie, Julius, Siggy and Twitch. Does not care for his siblings. The only pup he DOES care for is Millie, and even then, the depth of his feelings verses his use for her is questionable. Tends to keep his cool and comes off as a slick, albeit unsettling, upperclassman despite his appearance and heritage until he finally gives into the madness gnawing his brain at the end of the story. Eventually Euthanized along with Brutus and Gertrude, but ultimate ploy against the farm lingers long after his death. Iago relishes his two-toned eyes: a reminder to both his parents, should he ever meet his mother, they've created a monster.

Named after the ill-fated king in Shakespeare's MacBeth, Duncan is the youngest male of the family. Born with his front legs fused together, he had surgery very young to correct the problem. However, it left him unsteady on his feet and therefore killed much of his adventurous spirit. Which he's resentful for. Among other things. Duncan is a little slower mentally than the average dalmatian, but he knows he and his siblings are different. He's teased well enough on his own and though he doesn't always understand what they're saying, the just is clear and hurts. Duncan generally sticks close to his adoptive family (Tripod and Cadpig), and through this has grown very close with their daughter, Cinna. She's his best friend, because she gets him (being a little slow, herself, there's an equality and ease that comes with it.) Duncan doesn't really get along with his siblings. Danae he's friendly enough with but after she begins a friendship with Ace (Patch/Angel's son) and spends other free moments with Roger, the connection doesn't last. He's hurt she 'abandoned' him in favor of other companions. Partly why he's closer with the Tripig family. More to be worked out later, BUT. Duncan will eventually die through Iago's manipulation. The details I am still working out, I can never seem to decide, but he will. He's also not blind, despite his unusual eye color. The spots on his back and neck resemble a noose.

Named after Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Brutus is the middle child. Generally a passive character, but highly anti-social; prefers being alone FAR over being around others. If left to his own devices, he generally isn’t a problem, but when his nerves are prodded repeatedly without letting up, he’ll lose his temper and lash out. Bit off part of Gertrude’s ear and ultimately blinds Julius when Iago revealed Julius had been using him due to his large size and intimidating appearance and nature. Julius was Brutus’ best friend; the younger pup never took a hint even though Brutus made it very clear he didn’t want him around. Brutus is of average intelligence, though often comes across as slower because he doesn’t speak often.

101 Dalmatians (c) Disney
Ashes of the Wronged is MINE.

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