Kerrick Darwin Picture

ok, kerrick isn't scottish!!! he just plays the bagpipes.
he's actually the descendant of a famous viking.(well, not nessecarally a man per se.)
he is a foreign exchange student from greece, speaks several languages( ancient/modern greek, english, danish,french), knows a lot about history and math(including mythology and geometry/algebra), plays two instruments(the bagpipes and drums), listens to celtic music aswell as modern rock and is an incredible actor.
ok, you read about Kerrick Darwin, the student. now here's the scoop with Kerrick Darwin, the person.
Kerrick has no scottish heritage at all, the entire Darwin bloodline is Danish. starting from the trickster himself, Loki the norse fire god!
even though he had a wife, Loki spent a lot of time with other woman(and men) -having children from several,if not all of these extramarrital affairs. the first of the darwin clan(his name was Daare Wyrnd- the name eventually was combined and shortened to Darwin over the generations) was born from Loki himself(Loki can change into a woman!) and on down the line Kerrick was born from Saria Laufey(maiden name) and Jonaton Darwin.
Jonaton had a job that sent him to greece , so that's why Kerrick is from greece and yet has no greek heritage(or any heritage except danish) the Darwins strongly believed in keeping the danish blood strong because of Loki... because of such, many of the darwins have mastered some of the skills associated with Loki, like magic(the fake stuff-cards, rubber wands, etc.), disguising themselves, things of that nature.
but none of the darwins have any godly powers( that they know of).
ofcourse, knowing me I'll make it so that Kerrick is the first to have Loki's powers... actually that's not a bad idea! I can use him in the spin off of sepura that I started last night!!!
speaking of which, stay tuned for a glimpse at the new Tom "Whitey" Jankins! he's not the same poor, defenseless goth-kid that every likes to beat up in the locker room anymore!
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