Indemnity and his sisters Picture

Indemnity, age 17, is an actor who has recently been discovered by a major filmmaker and is enjoying the first blushes of financial success. He has floppy white dreadlocks and glasses. He likes shoegazer, techno and swing music. He is a big “Cheers” fan, but doesn’t mind when he misses one. He wears raver clothes most of the time and secretly almost always goes commando. He has twin sisters who he takes care of since both his parents are in prison. He has a protective relationship with Erzulie but he is almost at odds with his other sister, Dantor, sensing that she is evil. It is his responsibility to raise her and Erzulie together and protect them, hence the name, so that they can wage the ultimate battle when they grow up. Fun huh? It’s all very mythological.
The names Erzulie and Dantor come from Vodun loas, I didn’t make them up.
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