Sandrie.WIP. Picture

An older character I've actually never drawn before... Coz I'm lazy like that. Anyway, just a sketch, because I'm still debating what colors I'm going to make him. (I'm not fishing for ideas, just being stupid.)

This was a character I created for a really bad story that never did get written. His name's Professor Alan Sandrie. He's a mythology and urban legend teacher at Ohio State (coz Itchy lurves teh OSU). He's kinda like my fantasy guy. Yesh... It's my dream to marry a college professor. (Everyone else says I'm destined to marry a midget hitman.) So... Blarg. Anyway, his name... Actually I got the name Alan because there a bunch of actors whom I like who have either a first or last name that's some variation of the name Alan. I thought it was a plain, goofy name at first, but I kinda fell in love with it. Sandrie was a messed up version of Sandy, which I thought was a stupid enough name to use. And now he has a... Common name. (It's a bat, btw.)

Alan Sandrie © 2005 Destry Gunning
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