Making of Home Video Picture

Construction pictures
Finished puppets
Home video performance
Home full performance
Tintagiles in performance

Photos of Andrea, Jennifer, and Isaac (not shown) creating the black and white shadow puppetry video montage that plays an integral part of Home. As seen in the performance photos, the video plays against the wall in the background and the actors act/react to and around the pre-programmed puppetry.


Oracle Theatre, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) company, offers a unique theatrical experience.
Tantalizing all ages with mythological themes, historical accounts, fables, and literature, our
goal is to better educate the community about various cultures. And we are also in constant
search for new voices and undiscovered tales to be heard. Through new works, old stories,
and anything that embodies a full spirit, the dramatic presentations incorporate an array of
visual and audio displays with live action. As a company comprised of artists of diverse
talents, the art of collaboration is our universal dedication.
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