Top 10 WORST Games Picture

While working on a sprite I had an extremely painful memory of playing some terrible games and thought this might be fun to do. I recommend that others do this too, it could be fun, once again I used the Top 10 Favorite Games meme base found at this [link]

If you do this, here are some rules.

Rule #1: You must have played the game, but that's not all. You must have genuinely wanted to play this game thinking it would be fun, no "I heard this was horrible, so I played it to see and man was it bad"
Rule #2: If you liked playing this game, beat it, then years later thought "Wow that actually sucked, why did I like it?" then that is not a valid choice.
Rule #3: You can choose a game you liked at first, so long as before completing the game you started really hating it.
Rule #4: Yes, you are able to choose games that you refused to complete.
Rule #5: I don't want to hear about some unknown free-to-play flash game either, the games must have been published by for profit. The bigger the company, the better.

That's it really, now on to my reasons for hating these games.

#1: Too Human
I fucking loathe this game, for every reason. The music sucked, the levels were long and obnoxious, the game was short, the gameplay was easy but you died all the damn time. I know this sounds confusing but I can explain, boy can I explain.

There was only about 6 hours of gameplay, spread over 4 levels. So every level was a fucking endurance, with horrible music that made me mute the fucking tv. Then there was no complexity to the combat, I tried to make it fun but couldn't find a way to do so. Yet the enemies hit you so hard that you were constantly dying and having to walk back to where you were so you could continue on for another 5 minutes before dying again and having to walk back.

Why would I keep playing you might ask? Crazy as it might sound, I liked the character designs and I enjoy the mythology that this thing was butchering. I knew it was butchering it, but I thought "Maybe it will have a good payoff" but no. Worst part is the ending, I was like "HOLY FUCK THIS MAY GET INTERESTING AT LAST! *credits*"
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