Jubilant Krishna Picture

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  • "Krishna drama performance"

  • This is my friend Radhika playing the part of Krishna.

    She is dressed up in her part of Krishna for a play during a festival in Badger in 2007.

    I really like this picture, because it shows the sweetness of Radhika and her gigantic heart, and her affection for everyone. Also the jubilance in her smile is so appropriate for Krishna, who would give this loving sort of smile to those who love him in return, I think.

    For those who don't know who Krishna is, I would recommend reading the books of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, or going to [link].

    For those who want a short explanation:
    Krishna/Krsna is the Hindu god of love, who lives in Vrndavan. He is in love with the sweetest of the gopis, Radha, and has a blue complexion.
    He wears a yellow dhoti, and peacock feathers in his hair. He is known for being mischevious and charming, and plays a flute, which has the ability to charm everyone's hearts.

    It is common in drama plays of Krishna for his role to be played by women, because Krishna is known for being very beautiful. The name Krishna means "the all-attractive one."
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