Hercules - Poseidon Picture

Poseidon, God of the Seas, also known as "Big O' Fish" and "Po-Po" (I almost fell off of the chair from laughter when I first heard this) in the show, is really something else. I have yet to see a character like him. It's ridiculous how horrible some of his characteristics are: he is greedy, lazy, moody, gullible, self-centered, prideful, sometimes childish, and quite vengeanceful when offended. However, despite being such a despicable person (no wonder he and Hades are related, the latter being his little brother... wait, wut?), Poseidon also manages to be the cutest damn thing ever. His voice-actor, Jason Alexander does an awesome job in my opinion, and I'm guessing it wasn't an easy thing to do considering that Poseidon can be pissed off one minute and making the (ridiculously effective) puppy-eyes in the next, pleading for something.... Okay, so he does have some nice qualities as well: he is very creative when it comes to create sea animals (like all the sea mammals) and he is actually rather brave (facing sea monsters) and fulfills his duties to the fullest. He's also trying to be a good father to his nerdy and annoying son Triton (god, I hated him, good thing he only appeared in one episode). Kinda fails but hey, at least he tries to!
Why is he flailing a PINK Trident around? Don't ask me, the creators are just this weird, I guess.
You can say whatever the heck you want about that series, but you have to admit: while it is filled with horrendously wrong mythical facts and completely breaks the movie's timeline, when it needs to be funny, boy does it nail it!

Quick practice with SAI. I think I'm getting the hang of it.
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