Rogue ... pour homme Picture

The next product to come out after Spirit was Rogue, with its controversial tagline.

Co-Creative Director Jeffrey: "Since Spirit turned out to be an actual thing, and not just a novelty, we wanted to do something that really was a novelty, something frothy and fun. And that turned out to be Rogue. It had a profile that didn't work in combination with anything else, so we figured, why not? And since Spirit was doing so well, Carmen and Myra let us run wild with the promotion."

Co-Creative Director Jake: "Man, that shoot for the print ads was just brutal. Originally, we wanted to reverse the idea, with Trey's character rescuing the guy in distress, played of course by Wagner. The problem was, everything we tried just made Trey read as a very fey pirate. And since that's kind of what people think of pirates now -- thanks to the media company that will not be named that sued us and lost, HA! -- anyway, it didn't come across the way we wanted. So we decided to reverse the roles and just go for a semi-straight-up pirate narrative, only with Trey as the distressed damsel being rescued."

Jeffrey: "What we didn't realize was how difficult the size difference between them would make staging the shots. There's a reason all the print ads are cut off around mid thigh. Under that dress, there are all sorts of boxes and rigging and stuff to make it possible for Wagner to hold Trey up without supporting all of his weight. He does have about 18 inches and over 100 pounds on Wagner, after all."

Jake: "Wagner was really a trouper about all this. We wound up changing course on him really fast. Thing is, he's mostly a character actor; I don't think he does print stuff for anyone but us. And the sorts of roles he's had, he pretty much stays dressed most of the time. He was really self conscious about the fact that he's not your typical model, he's not ripped and built and he's not used to displaying himself as some sort of sexy guy. But he swallowed hard and went with it."

Jeffrey: "Probably helped that he and Trey were already going at it hot and heavy. It's probably easier to see yourself as sexy and attractive if you're working with a person you already know sees you that way."

Jake: "When it came to the tagline, we couldn't think of anything at first. And then Jeffrey thought of this and ... well, we had to use it. I remember Myra rolling her eyes and telling us that we were such little boys sometimes, but we went with it anyway."

Jeffrey: "The way people reacted, you'd have thought this was the first time ever anyone used innuendo in an ad. But they got over it enough for Rogue to be one of our top sellers for the year. And it's probably going to make a nice seasonal sort of thing, maybe bring it back for a month every summer."

--I. Noah Lott, professor of comparative and modern mythology and modern media studies, Serenity Falls University, pour homme: a modern company plays with gender (Serenity Falls: SFU Press)


Jake: All the work we had to do to make that ad work -- the physical setup, I mean -- made us wonder how the hell do those two guys manage to, you know ... Do It? The height difference alone has to make it difficult, never mind the weight difference.

Jeffrey: Well, it's probably easier with sex. After all, there's frequently a bed involved, or positions that don't involve weight-bearing, or that minimize the height issues.

Jake: Yeah, but still ... wouldn't you kind of want to watch, just to see how they make that work?

Jeffrey: Well ... NOT DURING AN INTERVIEW, anyway.

Jake: Oh. OH. Right. Please don't include this stuff in your book, OK?

* * * * *

So, again, apart from the actual physical rigging stuff, what was said about the setup was mostly true. Putting pirate stuff on Trey Derek just Did Not Work At All. Even with makeup, I couldn't push him past fey to femme, so to speak. I, of course, blame Johnny Depp. Lighting this bugger was also a misery; every daylight light set I could find wound up blowing Wagner's arms and shoulders out big time; I didn't realize he was quite THAT fair. Eventually I wound up taking Predatron's Essential Lights, the dusk set, and taking the light down yet another 15% from where it started. (Which left me with another problem. Always remember, boys and girls: if there's an area where you intend to put lettering, unless you're doing counter-charging, you really need the backdrop to have either an all light-colors profile, or an all dark colors profile. Going from one to the other will just make life miserable.) The rest of the set is the Shipdeck 2, by Ace Gunsolley from ShareCG, and the SY Waters, expanded to something like 1200% of normal.

Magna Hart -- the outfit Trey Derek is wearing -- is in fact intended sort of as a pirate outfit, according to the promos. Comes with the V5 Pro Bundle, and I realized that I had never once used any part of it for anything. Turns out this is because it's kind of ... wildly inappropriate for almost everything. It's trying to straddle the line between skimpwear and pirate stuff, and that's not a line you can straddle with that much fabric. At the same time, you can't quite hit pirate with the strategic absence of so much fabric. There's the issue that the sleeves don't connect to anything, as well; pointless sleeves only work with evening gowns. It just never quite entirely works as one thing or other, but it does well enough for playing with gender ... as long as you're not actually going for the pirate look. Used Transfer Utility to put ... certain morphs into the Magna Hart panty, so that I didn't have to lop off that Certain Something for him to wear it. Add Raiya's Anjali Hair, with dangles beautifully, and Forbidden Whispers' Instant Makeup M4 Glam Boys, and we're done!

Wagner has the M4 Pirate hat and scimitar, Buccaneer Basics Pants, and the SY Harness. (I was rather hoping that ring could be moved to circle a nipple, for pure pointless sexy emphasis, but alas, 'twas not to be.) PH Classic hair with the Bice/Outoftouch Blue Soul ponytail appended. SY Eyepatch for Genesis, which came out just in time. (The M4 Pirate eyepatch did not take transfer terribly well.)

I will, of course, figure out some way to rework the ad once it becomes possible for Wagner to be Improbable.
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