TAC - NARA Picture

(If my story were an anime version of Avatar, Nara would be Eywa)

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Queen of Gods

Height: 18 ft.
Mass: 1.5 tons
Type 3 – Elite Class
Voice Actor: Deborra-Lee Furness
Faction: Guardian
Status: Active

"An accommodation could be made between Guardians and Mutations. A truce.”


Similar to Hera in Greek mythology, NARA is the beloved wife of the great BARBATUS and the queen of the gods. When DAIZUA was born, she had sworn to protect him from all dangers from Mutations to Alayssia’s predatory dinosaurs. In fact, she protects the very balance of life itself. When the Mutations destroyed the city, Nara sent a barrage of wildlife against the villains, quickly and ruthlessly overwhelming them before exiling them to the Outside Lands. Even to this day, Nara protects the legendary hero from all signs of death…

-Above human-level intelligence
-Can see the past, present, and future
-Occasions of being attacked/challenged are almost never
-Has control over the balance of life

Character © Nick Dodge

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