DWN-064: Aqua Man Picture

And here's robot master number three (alphabetically), Aqua Man (but not the one from DC Comics).

Ah, Mega Man 8. Quite possibly the worst game of the 11 canonical entries (MM&B included). The voice actors were awful, the graphics were mediocre and the game itself was just boring. Even the robot masters were unoriginal. We had a foreign mythological creature robot, a two headed robot, and a robot with a voice of a five year old girl... this guy. His stage was very forgettable. The music was relaxed instead of the usual catchy, the stage doesn't even feel like it belongs in the game, and the whole stage is just something that happens, then you forget about it five minutes later.

This wasn't as hard to draw as Apollo, but the coloring phase was almost equally as annoying. Good thing on MS Paint, they have the spraypaint tool for in case you can't colorize something manually. If it didn't have that tool, I would have taken forever just to paint the water inside Aqua Man.

Next up is Aquarius. And don't forget that I've drawn some of the other Mega Man 8 robots:

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