Athena Godro Picture

Full Name: Athena Gaia Godro
Age: 12
Fandom: None
Species/Ethnicity: Human/ 75% Greek, 25% Italian
Personality: Secretive, untrusting of people, shy, friendly, intelligent
Likes: Being left alone, using her powers, Greek/Roman Mythology
Dislikes: Being surrounded by people, her powers hurting people, being told she's wrong
Powers/Weapons: Telekinesis
Family: Leonardo Godro(father), Isis Godro(mother), Hermes Godro(older brother)
Friends: Juliean Charcoal, Oliver Craigson
Enemies: Anybody
Paired with: No one
Background: -Second born and only girl to a couple of Greek Mythology fanatics
-She was ignored most of her life by her parents because they were more focused on her older brother, so she became secretive and would barley trust anyone around her, family or friend
-Gained her telekinetic powers when she was 6 because she got really angry and threw something across her room without even touching it
-Worked in secrecy for 6 years perfecting her powers, making herself intelligent and no longer caring that her family and everyone else ignored her.
Interesting Facts: -Is in highschool because of her incredible intelligence, doesn't really care since it's all the same to her.
-Loves Greek Mythology just as much as her family, and takes pride in her name
-If she does get close to somebody, she becomes a very friendly and outgoing little girl
-She usually uses her powers to do everything since she has them practiced completely perfect
-Voice actor would be Dakota Fanning

She was an old OC of mine, then I like completely revamped her(different look and background, everything XDDDDDDDD)
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