Marvel 6114 - Loken Picture

Name: Luke Lokisun

Age: 10

Alias: Loken

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Dark Brown


-Superhuman Strength: Can lift up to 75 tons

-Superhuman Durability and Stamina

-Superhumanly Dense Tissue: Luke’s bodily tissues are roughly three times denser than those of humans. As such he’s several pounds heavier than he appears and this contributes to his strength and durability to a degree.

-Regenerative Healing Factor: Can heal considerably faster than humans, and even other Asgardians

-Superhuman Longevity: Ages considerably slower than humans and I actually several thousand years old, despite physically appearing no more than a child

-Sorcery: Considerable magical potential and skill with a large range of effects.

-Genius sorcerer and tactician

Personality: Luke is an embodiment of Loki’s good qualities, and as such he has a similar personality to the trickster god, but without any of the malignance or cruelty, and tempered by youth. As such Luke is a playful, cheerful boy with a penchant for pranks and jokes. He’s very relaxed, casual and laidback and often has a quip or a meme prepared for every situation. But for all his trickery and silliness, he’s not untrustworthy or unkind and he cares deeply for his friends and family. He’s also quite a flirt, despite his young physical age and will flirt to both boys and girls, simply to get a reaction (though he does have a particular penchant for girls).

However when stressed or anxious he tends to adopt a more stoic, collected attitude instead of his usual playfulness. His keen wit, however, remains intact and much more focused, showing his true planning abilities. Generally speaking though it’s quite difficult to stress him out and he handles most situations with his usual casual playfulness.


-After Loki led the Chitauri invasion of New York under orders from Thanos, he was captured by Thor and imprisoned in Asgard for his crimes

-Uatu the Watcher visited Loki in prison and chastised him for his poor choices and submission to his negative impulses and decided to show him what he could’ve been

-to this end, Uatu used his powers to create a clone of Loki imbued with the trickster’s positive qualities (copied, not extracted)

-this clone took the form of a young boy whom Uatu sent to Earth where he landed in Japan and was discovered by a touring American couple

-this couple adopted the amnesiac boy who knew only his name, and bits of his identity

-several years later, Luke met Franklin Richards and Kristoff Vernard and was exposed to the former’s cosmic energy and the latter’s magic which awoke his latent memories

-yet Luke cared little about his origins as a clone of Loki (viewing it as little more than how he was born) and was more overjoyed by the discovery of his superpowers

-with help from his new friends he set up a ‘super-criminal investigation agency’ and styled himself as Loken, donning a dark green frock coat and large bow, believing that “fancy clothes look cooler than tights”

-he’s a target of his ‘father’ Loki who sees him as a threat to his ego

-his investigation agency also serves as the headquarters for the Youth Avengers

-although possessing Loki’s good qualities, Luke still has a streak of ruthlessness like Kristoff who also has super-villain parentage

-as the child of a frost giant and fire demon, Luke has an aversion to deep water

Okay so if you've clued in to what I've done here, then congratulations, you're a nerd of considerable prowess and a truly formidable type, as you have equal knowledge of Western comics and cartoons as you do Japanese ones.

For those who HAVEN'T clued in then allow me to explain. First of all this is the result of me thinking of one incarnation of Loki and looking at a picture of another. Now let's get a bit more specific.

Okay so first the incarnation of Loki I was looking at. There's a manga and anime series called Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok that stars a version of Loki who takes the form of a young boy due to exile from Asgard. He's extremely adorable in design and voice, but the series itself is an absolutely gross perversion of Norse mythology almost to the extent of Yu-gi-Oh and Egyptian mythology. Seriously, Odin is transformed into a spiteful monster, Loki is made a friendly and somewhat misunderstood hero (and the anime goes even further by removing his playful trickster aspect and replacing it with a stoic, introverted one), Thor's an idiot (not much change I suppose, *ba dum*), Heimdall's vindictive and evil (if anyone knows Norse mythology they know it's the exact opposite), Freyr's a lovestruck moron, Freyja is in love with Loki for some reason (amusing because there're a number of tales where Loki used her as a bartering chip in some manner), one of the Norns is in love with Loki (just plain weird because in the myths he never even interacted with them), Jormungand is incorrectly named using his title (seriously, they name him Midgardsormr which means 'Midgard Serpent' and is his title, not name) and like Loki's he's made likeable and friendly and his banishment to the ocean is portrayed as Odin being unnecessarily cruel (no mention of his rivalry with Thor or intention of killing him), Fenrir is treated similarly and given a loveable puppy personality (do I even NEED to mention what's wrong with this?), and Hel is just weird.

TL;DR - It's shit, but has a unique charm that anime and manga often carry. And again, I liked the design of Child Loki in it.

Now the version of Loki I was thinking of needs less explanation. The Marvel one. You know; horned helmet, creepy, tries to kill Thor a hundred times, appeared in three movies portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, resulting in hordes of fangirls who know nothing about Norse mythology or Marvel comics appearing and fawning over 'Loki' when they're just expressing shallow lust for the actor and don't care about the character in the slightest. Yeah, him. Anyways a few years ago there was an arc during which Loki was reborn as a 12 year old boy with a desire to repent for everything he'd done as an adult, and for a time was transformed into an ordinary French pre-teen named Luke. Then the arc ended and Loki returned to his usual, evil, adult self.

So I got to thinking; what if there was a way to make Kid Loki a permanent, separate character from Loki himself? And why not incorporate some of the anime one for fun? So this is the result. And yes the frock coat would be dark green.

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