+ Jesse + My Little Icarus Picture

I have an unhealthy obsession with Greek Mythology, particularly with Icarus. It's.... unhealthy and kind of creepy.

RANDOM: Did you know that Apollo was the only God who didn't sleep with Aphrodite? He slept with her son, Hymen - the God of the Sanctity of Marriage, instead. The irony (and Gayness) amuses me.

Ahem, anyway, this is Jesse, my beloved character. It came out surprisingly well and surprisingly not in my usual style (I'm not to the point where I actually have control over style). He's the main character in a future serial novel that will be one of next year's projects. I'm going to start uploading the story to LIVEJOURNAL in September, but you can check out the layouts and stuff at this [link]

What does Jesse have to say?:
My name is Jesse Jameson. Not Jesse James. Not Jesse and James – Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light! Really, it’s not all that difficult a name.

I guess I’m not so difficult to figure out. I’m like every other guy. I discovered masturbation to cock early on. I like rock music and videogames. I hate most people. Oh, and I have a pet dragon.

I suppose there’s no easy way to say it, but I’m a wizard. Yeah, I don’t really understand it either. One day I’m preparing for the start of sophomore year, the next I’m dreaming about shit that hasn’t even happened yet and I’m a wizard.

From now on my father is supposed to train me in the “fine arts of being a wizard” but really, how much of a fine art is pointing at something with a wand and blowing it up. I don’t really want to learn either. All I want is to go to school, kiss my best friend, and become an actor.

Ever since I was little I was told never to touch the white marble that sits in the middle of the mourning cabinet for my older brother, Mamoru. And so I didn’t. My parents say that the stone holds his soul and so he protects our little apartment in the middle of Honolulu, Hawaii just within walking distance of school.

My friend, Jude, lives within a block of me and we hang out together a lot, school or no. I guess it might just be proximity or something, but I think I love him. There’s a chance he could like me, but a small one at that and not in the way I want him to. He’s good at everything – video games, guitar, has the voice of a fucking angel, he’s super athletic, and he’s really nice. Seriously, if I were that amazing, I’d be so over myself I wouldn’t even pay attention to the rest of the world.

I can’t imagine why he doesn’t have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) yet.

I can’t imagine why I can’t be that boyfriend. Oh wait, yes I can. He’s straight.

Oh BL, how I love you so. I'll make/ upload Jude sometime soon.... I should study for exams.....

By the way, he doesn't actually have wings - they're a metaphor.....
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