Maccus Virgo Dump SADP Picture

haha. okay. so, there's a story to this. I had a question about Clanker's name (its Clanker, not CLACKER! ew) and I was like, "i can ask you anything about POTC, youre wonderful." and she was like, "why, yes, I am the all knowing POTC woman" ((the conversation was to that extent, but not exactly)) so as a joke, I asked her what Maccus's sign was. heh. AND SHE HAD AN ANSWER FOR ME. He's a virgo. and she was serious. So, I draw this.... for her. now, thats only the first thing on this.... doodle dump.

Second? yeah, the dude is Maccus. I was drawing sharky Maccus for a while, then stopped POTC all together, getting back into it, I realize that I'm not very good at Sharky Mac. So, I made him in my own real life Maccus Human Form. (how i would like him to look, not like Dermot, his actor) Isnt he hawt?! haha. i love it. <3

Third: now I have to number off the things in this pie. ;D (((p.s. Maccus is representing the "darker" side of Virgo. because... that's... what he is.)))

1) Overcritical: Maccus is screaming YOU SUCK! yeah.
2) Conservative: I didnt know how to draw this. so, i drew him mumbling to himself. take it how you want.
3)Worry Wart/Perfectionist: I put these together because if you think about it.... it can be taken the same way. He's thinking "what will Davy think? ((being first mate, he would worry/obsess)) Will I die? ((worry....)) Where is Swashy? How can I avoid her?((worry and perfectionist!! haha)) Do they care? What will happen?((pretty much he's being paranoid. whatever))"
4)Harsh: again, screaming SHUT UP! at me bringing me to number 5) questioning his virginity. haha. yeah, because Kitty said "and i thought Virgos were Virgins!! 6)Just Maccus being all Hawt and Human. haha
7)Chibified Sharky Mac. saying Shut Up I Hate You. because he does. but he doesnt.

the summary of this madness? maccus is the bad side of Virgo. AND we are totally NOT compatable((actually semi-compatible)). Cute balanced Libra me, indecisive and lazy me teamed up with a crazy harsh man?! i mean. come on. haha.

this is to
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i plan to draw more POTC stuff. haha. i plan to draw more, period!! <3

haha. doing Wikipedia research,
Libra and Virgo are linked mythologically. Poor maccus.
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