Jehovah: God of All-Creation Picture

The title says it all: this is Jehovah, aka God himself. He is the most powerful of all gods and titans, and the main antagonist of Eye of the SunFall.

(All of this is Eye of the SunFall canon, none of it is real. If it was, well, holy crap.)

Name: Jehovah
Current Age: Doesn't age (he's a god, after all)
DOB: Unknown
DOD: June 20th, 2206
Rank: God of All-Creation
Weapon(s): He doesn't need any
Eye color: Unknown
Hair color: Indigo Blue
Lover: Loved Iris long ago
Favorite object: Most likely himself
Quote: "I am God, bow before me!!!."
Theme Song: None
*Desired voice actor: Jeremy Irons

He is what he says he is, and that is God of All-Creation... or is he? Jehovah is a being of pure power, no one can match him. But dispite his power, influence, and "rule" over the earth and humanity, he isn't without secerts

He is the so-called creator of everything: humans, animals, the earth, the universe, you name it. He knows however, that he did none of those things. Jehovah is an interesting fellow becasue his greatest weakness is his pride. Strange thing that the worst of all sins is being commited by the Lord.

As the most powerful God on the planet, Jehovah fears nothing. The onyl being that he is scared of, and could possibly challange him, is Oranos. What Jehovah does not realize is that the gods of mythology, or the titans, are not his greatest foe; humas are. Without humanity and the worship they provide, Jehovah dies.

Despite his strength, he is defeated by Estaban and sent into Tartarus to be tortured for all eternity for his crimes. It is this act that awards Estaban the title of "The Legendary God-Slayer". Estaban is the first mortal to stand up to God and be victorious.


Wow, If there is a heaven or a hell, i'm going to Hell for this one! Although, the idea that God himself is the main bad guy is kind of cool. You have to admit, my design for Jehovah is pretty cool. The idea of him wearing a mask came to me for one reason: God looks different to many people and their religions. So, giving him a mask makes him not only more mysterious, but makes him fit into whatever religion you are worshipping. The backgrounds helps alot. The mountain is Mt. Olympus, btw.

Well, leave a comment, do whatever. Oh, and if you are religious in any sort of way, and if I have insulted you in any sort of way, than i'm sorry. I, personally, dispise religion. I just think Jehovah as a bad guy is cool.
It's fiction, y'know? But please, keep the comments POSITIVE!!!

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