The Only Choice Picture

Name: Adeola

Meaning: Crown of Honour

Language: African Generic

Gender: Female

Kingdom: Pride Lands

Generation: 2nd

Relatives: Daughter of Bingwa and Eshe, Mate of Masega, Mother of Ufalme

Voice Actor Suggestion: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Theme Song: Against the Wind by Marie Brennan

Born the second of Bingwa’s daughters but to the charismatic and truly noble lioness Eshe, the kingdom assumed that she would be the first choice for ruler. However Bingwa knew that the elder daughter, Emiola was the rightful heir but her own heritage included a lion king raised by hyenas who had practically enjoyed trying to kill Bingwa for fun. Though Emiola’s mother was on the level, Emiola seemed to have an explosive temper and little Zola was far too fragile and ditsy to ever really be useful as sole ruler… but Bingwa couldn’t just choose Adeola and cause trouble amongst the Thirteen Kingdoms for choosing one over the other.

Although Emiola guessed it early on, Adeola was much less aware of the situation and was blissful in her youth, following her dad and big sister around as well as helping Zola out whenever she fell over herself. Their childhood was good but as they began to grow up Adeola got to meet her mother’s big brother the fastest lion in the Thirteen Kingdoms, the most blue-blooded and noble lion around – Uncle Chamchela the tornado of the east! Had he not stuck his nose in then Adeola would never have awoken to the rivalry that existed in secret amongst the sisters and Chamchela encouraged the idea of her being the best of the sisters and her being the true heir of the Pride Lands.

A rift began to form between the sisters and their teenage experiences only made them more separate and events would soon prove who they really were. Zola ran off with some stupid male who was deemed unsuitable and ran back when he scared her, only to fall over her newly found cousin Tai shamelessly. Adeola watched and was sickened by it, she remained proper and proud, requesting a mate from the First Kingdom as a way to strengthen bonds – the request startled her father but it was swiftly agreed to be Eshe and then it was suggested that a suitable proposal be given to the other two daughters to curry favour with the clans Bingwa had not married into. Adeola took her mate without regret or consideration for his feelings, but it did not matter as the male proved utterly devoted to her and little more then a lovesick puppy. This suited Adeola as she did not need someone who would tell her what to do and when Adeola learnt she was pregnant before her other sisters, it seemed that fate had really made it clear she would be the heir.

However the situations for her sisters changed dramatically, Zola ran off with her old flame who clamed himself “the Sun” and returned pregnant and upset to her aggravated and insulted husband and Emiola too had fallen pregnant, only for her mate to run away and abandon her after an argument caused Emiola to scar him. Adeola wanted to laugh at her sisters at first for their obvious failures, but then she recalled their close friendships as cubs and her heart sank. How could she be so obnoxious? When her son was born as a golden coated animal, her old father finally made her position official and then took to helping her raise the cub as well as comforting his two other daughters.

Being a mother changed Adeola greatly, she was suddenly aware of what had happened to her sisters and to the world around her thanks to a dangerous hyena as well as the troubles amongst the herds. She saw too the strange reverence for Jua and the fear for Giza… as soon as she could Adeola arranged mates with the other kingdoms for the three sons and although it was obvious her son Ufalme would inherit, she took on the teaching of all three and practically adopted them. Not long after Jua was revealed to be deaf however, Emiola took her life and Giza went ballistic. The cub blamed Jua and Bingwa had to stop the fight – in her anger for him attacking her sire, Adeola gave her nephew a fierce beating and a warning of what could happen to him if he dared to try it again and Giza ran away.

Confused by it all and soon loosing her father to old age, Adeola suddenly found herself without Emiola’s brutish confidence to back up her words and many of the residents of the Pride Lands constantly nagging at her over their petty complaints, the ridiculous actions of Zola or fearing attack from the darker pelted cub that had run away. As time went by and the brides were brought to the land, Adeola found herself apologising to the family of Hanjari for having chased her mate away and she returned the dowry and sent the young girl home, nearly getting herself into a war over it all.

Overwhelmed, when news came later of the approach of an army led by Giza Adeola turned to the only being with an independent mind in the whole kingdom, her son Ufalme… he swiftly took the helm and Adeola had no choice but to step down and let him deal with it all. Her son did indeed, but despite her feelings of failure with regards to her sisters, Adeola had started a tradition of arranged brides that had worked and pulled the kingdoms together, Ufalme would continue this tradition and Adeola remained a constant aid and advisor with regards to her granddaughters’ futures.


This lovely and elegant looking girl – well, as elegant as I can get her to look – is Adeola, the first of the three daughters and the one to inherit the throne. Now, in my older version of my Lion King 3 story, the cubs were taught about the sisters having the love of various seemingly mythological beings but this is a legend created in time to make the Pride Lands seem chosen by the Sun God and explain the lifting of cubs to dawn light to “christen” them as royalty. Anyway, Adeola was the only one to have a normal mate and is the ancestor of the main line of Simba’s family.

She’s based on the Actual translation of the German Lion King comic that stated the First King of the Pridelands had three daughters, not three sons. However the three sons’ idea is used for the grandsons of Bingwa. Her face is very typical of when I try to draw a noble looking lioness and always seems to come out like a Sarabi type and her colouration is a mix of her father’s and her son Ufalme’s – make’s sense doesn’t it? However it was bloody difficult to do as she kept coming up looking like a Sarabi clone and though I got her body right this time her head was too small!

Here’s the real lion I used for a base…

The Lion King, Concept & Comic Idea © Disney

Adeola’s story & Characterisation ©

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