Embarr, Cyberbeam's steed Picture

Name: Embarr(Nickname: Thunderdome)
Sex: Mech(male)
Age(by Cybertronic Standards): 7 years
Alt Mode: Doesn't Transform

Voice Actor: No one, because he is a horsebot and he only whinnies and snorts.
Theme Song: Thunderdome by Audiomachine.

Name Origin: Embarr: A magical horse from Irish mythology, who will bear you to Tir Na N'Og - the land of music, beauty, feasting, and eternal youth. Name meaning Imagination. Embarr is able to walk across any kind of water.

About: Embarr is the horsebot Cyberbeam created when he crash landed on Tetragaralung. He was able to find abundant amounts of metal(most from the ship), made paint out of pigments in the area(only to paint SOME of the areas of Embarr), and he had one shard of the AllSpark left, so he decided to use it on Embarr. The reason he decided to create Embarr was that he needed some type of transportation, and he needed a friend by his side. He built Embarr to be an adult instantly. After he had put the AllSpark shard inside of Embarr's chest, Embarr was wild and almost untameable. Luckily Cyberbeam was taught how to tame wild beasts from some old friends... and in a day or two Embarr had become the most loyal friend any 'bot could ever have.

Embarr is a little goofy, yet in battle he is a force to be recconed with. His hooves are powerful, able to crush the heads of his opponents. His teeth are sharp and can tear apart limbs. Embarr is exteremely fast and he acts like an amphibious vechicle, being able to run, walk, and stand on water. Embarr is unable to talk, but he can whinny and snort like regular horses, Cyberbeam is able to understadn him because of their close bonds as best friends.

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