Mystery of the Old Days Picture

Name: Wünschkind
Meaning: Wish Child
Reason: He was “asked” for
Gender: Male
Breed: Demon
Clans: Der Meister
Allegiance: Neutral
Homes: Somewhere on Nabafornaco – Mount Davinda
Relatives: He was created from the blood of Der Meister, but has no mother; he is the grandfather of Harpian and Phantasmagoria
Mates: Sirenita (Deceased), Engela wishes to be one and he is still in love with Mori
Offspring: The Night-Stalker
Suggested Voice Actor: Can’t find his name but does German voice of Head Captain Yamamoto in Bleach
Theme Songs: The World at War opening -…
Position: Lord
Position Held For: 00001 Until ???
Life-span: Born 00001 – Dies ???
Greatest Ally: Poison
Greatest Enemy: Valerius
Comic Appearances: Here’s appeared in cameos in Demon on the Battlefield and Luclin’s Lover but he is seen more in Demon Circle

What can you say about a beast that has survived because he does nothing but contemplate the future and use his great powers to hide away all who enters his domain? Is he really a demon? Wünschkind is a creature that for a long time was deemed a mythology from the ancient days because no one had seen him.

Wünschkind was a gift given to the dying demon drake known as Der Meister who had done so much to assist the Wishmaster and the Awakening of Alumina. He was in his final years, his mate long dead and no heirs left because their area of Nabafornaco had been destroyed and wiped clean. Alone, the last demon dragon in his line and the last demon in north-east Nabafornaco, he was ready to accept extinction when the god Elctirnaba appeared himself and informed him that Alumina had a reward for him – any wish he would care to have. Der Meister was specific, a child created from his blood with his ancient abilities but of a better heart then his – Elctirnaba agreed and so Wünschkind was given to his father as an egg and Der Meister used the last of his great strength to flee with the egg to Dragondera – assured that even if he did Wünschkind would live.

When his son hatched, Der Meister gave him no true name but called him “Wish Child” in the Naban tongue, Wünschkind, so the youngster always referred to himself as such – never feeling any need to change his name and his father granting him nothing else. On Dragondera the first purge was in its beginnings and Der Meister knew he had little time to teach his son everything he could and find him a land to rule and protect. Eventually they slipped into the Kark Mountain Range, settling at Mount Davinda (the mountain of the King of Gods) where Folab had first stepped upon the land and given his light to the lands he could. No other demon would be able to claim such a land but with their blessing from the moon, Der Meister knew he and his son could survive it.

Within the depths of the land he taught his son all he could and created nightmares for him so that he could live when he faded and even the dark clouds and terrifying thorn forest that sits around the mountains edges and puts off close investigation. Then Der Meister went on the last search for his son – Wünschkind needed a mate. He found one – Sirenita, one of the last of the Elbref who willingly stayed with her husband and assisted him in burning Der Meister’s body when his strength finally failed.

Whilst the purge took place Wünschkind knew he had an important task ahead of him to make himself different from the others. With the aid of his devoted mate he made special protections around a few sacred places that helped many dragons survive the first purge, but they were both very weak afterwards. Although Wünschkind kept to a host rather then join with his mate, he was able (which is quite unnatural) to give her spare energy from himself. In the first five-thousand-years of his life he only had one nightmare host that was his second in command and a very wise being indeed. However, before that time his mate produced a child – something very important from what Der Meister had told him. But upon his birth, the child that he called Nachtschnecke (slug) but everyone would later refer to as Breathtaker, Night Stalker, Night watcher etc., turned upon his mother and killed her.

Wünschkind was confused and distraught, why would his son do something so vile? He tried to contain him, noting that the child had only a tenth of his father’s power but was all together dark. He kept his son underground and restricted his motions – spending energy and most of his time probing the air to stop his son stealing minds at will. In the end Wünschkind damaged his son, he took part of his mental abilities away and so the child could only gain food by direct contact and sucking a soul out.

For two-thousand years Wünschkind kept him under control, but then he broke out and started to drain the souls of everything he came into contact with. His father tried but could do only one thing to save them – he sent out a massive vibration that triggered the free will of all Nightmares that were touched by it, most of them suddenly developing spots or streaks on their coats as a sign that they had been “Awakened”. With this the nightmares were able to flee for their lives and Wünschkind stopped his son… for a while at least. Of these however remained one nightmare that wished to remain at his side as his host, Engela. Now of course she is nearing the end of her line so will soon have to be replaced, but it is unclear whom he will choose.

Just at the time of his son’s “rebellion”, Wünschkind had made contact with a curiously strong demon dragon under the name Valerius. It was perhaps him leaving to go to the first proper Demon Circle since the Hidden Moon Times, which left him weaker and allowed his son to escape. For at this meeting, not only did Wünschkind not reveal who he truly was but he met his destined ally only to do a deep scan and know everything about Valerius and hate him. He warned him what would wait on Dragondera for him but Valerius ignored him and Wünschkind returned to Dragondera.

He left the nightmares to cause trouble with Valerius and his fellows now on his continent. He did not want to really care about what was going on with them, far too concerned by what was going on with his son. When he got the first real sensation of his son’s presence in the Fire Mountains however, he went searching and it was at this time that he rescued Mori – Valerius’ daughter – from his son’s cruelty. Mori appreciated it and before he and she knew what was going on they were falling in love. Wünschkind snuck her away to his lands and they were happy for a time, until Mori was summoned by her father and had to leave. Wünschkind went seeking after her, annoyed too that Valerius was causing such chaos within the realm. When he arrived however, Valerius knew about Mori and tried to offer her to Wünschkind as a treaty – but Wünschkind was offended and lunged at him.

In the only battle Wünschkind ever experienced, Valerius defeated him only just, ripping out his soul pouch and heart and casting them to the wind. Wünschkind escaped, worried that he would die but before he knew it his body was healing again. Why? It seemed impossible – but the truth was Mori had bonded to him and healed him. Wünschkind was weakened for a very long time and in the end it was not until he sensed his son produced hybrids that Wünschkind was able to really get up and do something about it.

Wünschkind was granted some luck in that he did not have to kill his son – Lord Garbhan did that. But Wünschkind knew he had a chance to redeem himself and sought out his grandchildren. He had sensed the harm done to Harpian but at first did not find the boy, instead he sensed the birth of Phantasmagoria, just before Garbhan’s attack. He gave his son a swift beating in order to get to the den and rescue the child, stealing her away before his son was finally killed and the tyranny of that monster gone.

He found the youngster Harpian bleeding to death in a cave at Mount Davan and snuck him a piece of magic that would mean he could always protect him. No matter what, Wünschkind would always know what his grandson was doing and would hide him from his enemies for as long as he could… why? As Wünschkind watched him in secret he grew to love Harpian as much as he loved Phantasmagoria – more then any destiny he’d been granted or wish! Thankfully he departed and his smell encouraged Garbhan to come and seek Harpian and adopt him whilst Wünschkind took on his granddaughter and raised her well.


I love this creepy guy indeed!

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