:Bad Influence: Picture

Soooo, everyone's doin' it, I might as well to.

It took alot longer than I'd expected it to though. I HAD WAY TOO MANY PICTURES--so I cut it down to the most important ones. It's not really in much of an order, kinda, but not really. I like them all too much to actually put them in order. But this is a very quick attempt at it. Alot of them ended up being 2 squares, mostly because I'll be in a phase for a long time... so they kind of rotate. Yeah, so... I suck.

I kinda categorized them a little, cause there's so much more that I like than just these, so I'm trying to include those also... along with the specific pictures that I put up. If that makes any sense at all.

Comics(Young Avengers)- YA is my absolute favourite comic in the world. Period. The characters are crazy developed and it focuses so much more on their lives than like BAM crazy battle scene here! The only character I hate is Hawkeye/Kate. And that's saying alot. It inspires me for poses, how people interact and most importantly reminds me that superheroes can have specific personalities. I like to read it while trying to think of ideas for Insert Time.
Dinosaurs(Parasaurolophus)- Julie likes dinosaurs? Really? Never would've guessed. Anywho, I actually saw this skeleton INREALLIFE, it's my favourite of all the dinos-Parasaurolophus. I've even got a necklace. Yes. Dinosaurs inspire me like mad. They are the only reason I can semi draw animals, if it wasn't for dinosaurs, I'd still be drawing stick figure animals. Cause duude, I suck with animal anatomy.
Sci-fi(Jurassic Park)- Favourite movie/book series. Sort of goes along with the dinosaur one, but more like... sci-fi like. The actors also inspire me-especially Jeff Goldblum. Jurassic Park is a good movie to watch when I need to draw, since I know all the dialog, I don't need to look up as much to watch it fully. But the music, their voices, the dinosaurs, helps me alot(weirdly enough).
Marvel(Runaways)- More specific in my love for comics, I'll only read Marvel stuff. The Runaways are almost as good as YA, but... not quite. But, they have a Deinonychus. I wish they'd make more issues. Runaways is another book I like to read while trying to think of ideas, but more for it's dialog and how witty the characters can be. Sarcasm and wittyness is a huge thing for me, it's a good part of comedy if done well. And Runaways is a tiny less serious than alot of other comics I read.
DeviantArt(Deviants)- DeviantArt is my favourite place to go to be inspired. Everything from these people inspire me like mad!
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