2014 Summary of Art Picture

I've always wanted to do one so I've been actually saving my art since January to do it! (i usually delete all my art because it's so ugly and-)

Now let's see if I can explain the art work chosen and about my art experience within the months.

This was a cover I did for my story, Olympus. I swear that thing is more on Hiatus than anything I've ever done. But I spent years developing each character! Since 6th grade to be exact. Inspired by Greek mythology ~
>> Jan. was a very experimental month. I was practicing different ways of painting and most of the art done in this month was digitally done.

This was some sketch I was doing of a cat in free time between classes. It was literally for pencil-shading practice purposes.
>> Feb. Was more experimental but this time with tradish. shit. Mainly with pencils and Prismas.

A contest entry for a "Draw my OC contest", I still can't believe I won second place..!
>> Mar. This is the month I tried to put all my practice and hardwork to use. I actually was pleased with the outcomes but as always, I slum out and hate everything I do again. I am a very harsh critic on myself and I will literally kill myself to practice and practice and practice. PRACTICE, KIDS, PLEASE, THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO IMPROVE.

My art class was getting me excited with new and cool lessons all the time. This was an assignment we had to do, "Draw a well known person." I drew James Woods!! He's my top favorite actor,,,
>> Apr. I was very pleased with my art, and I did lots of painting with acrylics and continued on using pencils and Prismas. People in my school, teachers and students alike, were all starting to notice me and my are. Them gushing and awing over it all the time inspired me to keep going, and thus I practiced even more. (See, most people would get the 'big head' and stop practicing. But I /knew/ I wasn't quite where I wanted to be yet, but support and fans are always encouraging!)

I drew nothing but Romans so here are some haha.
>> May. I had bought some markers from a yard sale and practiced with them by drawing....more Romans. I starting getting more into colouring and detailing and the like.

A design I did for a contest (I didn't win) and I suddenly got really big into doing designs and graphics.
>> Jun. Like stated, I got into designs and graphics and experimenting with that ~

A watercolour I did off one of my characters. I had spent all night on it and felt like my colouring skills improved a lot. So I continued colouring my art instead of just leaving it as a sketch like I've always seem to do. jfc this year was such an art push for me
>> Jul. ^

1980 Corvette Stingray for a commission. selling for $100 like damn son
>> Aug. I did a lot more with digital painting and graphics. Also got even more noticed at school with all the tradish stuff I was doing.

This was a contest entry....I didn't win.
>> Sep. I did even more works in the digital area and felt like I was really progressing with my art.

Painting practice of my character, yay.
>> Oct. I did even more works in the digital area and felt like I was really progressing with my art.

Water colour of my character.
>> Nov. I was trying to practice more.

Graphic portrait I did of my dad.
>> Dec. I'm trying to practice more, doing more digital designs and painting, as well as experimenting with styles and colours.

Yeah. God damn that took too long. I am actually happy to share this information with you guys /though i doubt hardly anyone will look at this anyway hahha/

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