Character design: Hunahpu Picture

Here's one of my design for a "storyboard:" styled episode for my English class final, which to make an episode based on a iconic written story like "Tell Tale Heart" or a mythological story.

Knowing myself, I consulted my teammates about doing a Mayan myth (the Hero twins) and they were okay with it.

This Hunahpu, one of the twin brothers who are "Juego de Pelota" experts. they were so good at it that the Death Gods (Zotz being one of them) invited them to a duel on Xibalba.

I modeled Hunahpu after Mexican Soccer player; Giovani Dos Santos to an extent…

granted, I could've modeled him after Rudy Youngblood (the main actor of Apocalypto) but I had a hard time finding photos of Native American actors that would've fit perfectly for a Mayan character. I chose Giovani because while he's Black, he's facial structure would make the character believable. i'd much rather use someone like Gio as a reference then an obvious white person.

Besides, there have been discussion about the origins of the American Indians…
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