Wiiiiings.... Picture

O_O Hm, I dunno why, cuz He doesn't really have wings, me don't thinks. I just felt like drawin' em'.

'ES, IT ISH DA TAYLOR!!! No really, it is.

I see your confusion... ^_______________________^ Hehe. Stoopids. I shall now tell of my ingeeeenious fairytale. I mean, storyline.


Do you rember how teenage girls swoon and cheer at the celbrity "hotties" that they adore, wether they be actors, models, singers or whatever, Girls adore them because of one reason- they're hot.

Now imagine someone who is outrageously good-looking, has a onderful singing voice, but doesn't have the right additude about their career? That they would just goof off, and only suceed because they're talented, and not because the try hard. This would be a perfect example.

While reading "The Odessy" a couple of months back, I noticed that the greek mythological creature, the "Siren" had the body and beautiful voice of a bird, and the face of a beautiful woman. But they also lured men from their ships to crash into their island or whatever.

Now, have you ever noticed how at some concerts the band members pick out groupies from the audience to...ugh...well, you know.

It's almost the same thing...(I'm not saying taylor would do THAT, it's...increadibly out of character), but hey, I couldn't help but notice these things.

So in one chapter, it will be about Taylor, and the fact that he has to deal with being pretty. Hmph.

*The thing abbout this is, he apears this way to GIRLS, but to GUYS, he appears as his own doreky self. Or sometimes, he can even go back to looking like he was when girls see him-by will.

So in a way, he can not only "Turn on the charm", but he can also turn it OFF! ^_^

The sad thing is that his looks & talent are the only things that makes him and his band faaaamous.

Poor dude. I guess...

Also, he's somewhat on the eeeeeevil side, because he's known Ren, (The kitsune) sence, like, they wuz little kids, so I supose he has a lot of influence over him.


He's a male siren. That sounds kinda gay...

And..uh, I don't really care if the pose looks deformed or not, becauuse I'm lazy and this is just a concept image. T^T

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