CotN Count Orlok rev. Picture

" Couldn't you eat the Script girl instead!? "
" Ah yes...the Script Girl...Perhaps I'll eat her later tonight... "
---- Count Orlok to Direct F.W. Murnau on set of " Nosferatu ".

I didn't think my last rendition of Orlok was " Me Enough ", ya know? Ironic as I didn't change much of his design at all, but I did try to make him look a tad more royal, more Elegant, More Regal, that sort of thing. Now, we all remember how I made Dracula. In my mind, I made Dracula a " White Evil ", in which Dracula is an Evil person, but he puts on the charade of a good and misunderstood man. Orlok is the exact opposite, I like to think I made him as a sort of " Black Good ". Despite how hateful and spiteful he is, he actually holds the direct moral high ground over just about everyone. He holds this high ground because of his own personal code of honor and integrity which he will never compromise. He's much like Rorschach from the Watchmen in that department. " Never Compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon! ". Orlok's image itself was also meant to be a mirror of Dracula. Dracula has this approachable looking wardrobe, while Orlok's looks more royal, and is therefor more intimidating and less approachable, combined with Orloks face, of course.

In Story, Orlok is " Anti-Dracula ". He hates him for so many reasons, and at first, I'll lead the audience on to believe it's for petty Vampire Matters or something like that, but then as the series goes on, you begin to see that Orlok hates Dracula for so many reasons. He hates Dracula for hiding behind a false persona to blend in with Humans. He hates Dracula because of how arrogant he is and how he flaunts his status as " King of the Damned " towards other vampires. He hates how Dracula abuses his own kind. But most importantly, he hates what Dracula, and Marishka, do to their own Daughters. The fact that Dracula and Marishka engage in incestuous relationships with their own children sickens Orlok. it's this very mutual disgust that causes Orlok and Verona to bond. Orlok even turns Dracula's own child against him. Orlok sort of becomes a REAL father to Verona. Becoming the Highly disciplinary father she never had, and you can even tell that Orlok actually DOES care about Verona, referring to her often as " My Child ", in a very literal sense. Orlok hates Dracula to such extents he actually holds a petition to kick Dracula out of the " Creatures of the Night ", opting for Mamuwalde or Carmilla to take his place.

On the final note about Orlok, since he's my favorite film Vampire, I figured I should give him some unique gimmick just to see if people Catch it, ya know? So what IS his Gimmick? He's actually a sort of Comic relief. Not in the direct sense of course not, but Orlok makes SO many references to Pop Culture, both mainstream and obscure, that you can't help but laugh at it. I envision Orlok as having this sense of Humor that will be lost among 90 percent of the audience, but the Ten percent that get his jokes and references will be in stitches.
He makes references to Resident Evil, Castlevania, European Power Metal bands, Holiday band Mannheim Steamroller, His own Movies, 2000's fictional historical re-telling " Shadow of the Vampire ", Actor Amitabh Bachchan, Various Comic Book Superheroes, Old Literature, Various forms of mythology and demonology, Dante's Divine Comedy, Jason/Rise and the Argonauts and 1985-1997 Era video games.

Some of my favorite's include...

When Verona enters his quarters to talk to Orlok for a little while, He'll be whistling the tune of " An Empty Tome ".

When Carmilla and Marie announce their plans to wed, Orlok brings out the dress worn by the character, Carmilla, from Castlevania " Circle of the Moon ", and remarks that " Bloody Tears " would make an excellent wedding tune. Carmilla asks what Bloody tears is, and Orlok responds " It's a song that YOU really ought to know quite well by Now, Carmilla. "

When Imhotep is plotting an attack on the Mothership, after he lays down the battle strategy, Orlok snarks " Yes, yes, yes and then we venture into Tartarus and claim the Golden fleece to bring back Alceme to the realm of the living! "

Anytime someone goes into his quarters, Orlok is almost constantly playing Mannheim Steamroller Halloween music, Ranging from Monster Mash, Creatures of the Night, Dancing Flames, Harvest Dance, Flying Dutchmen, Dialogue with the Devil, In the hall of the Mountain King and many more.

When Murder Legendre jumps on board with his " Zombie Potions ", Orlok wonders if Murder has worked with Umbrella corporation, he says no, Orlok then says " Well, you'll probably have a future with them when all this is done and over with! ".

Orlok makes a remark about how he likes the Netherlands, because the Netherlands produces the most beautiful, red-haired singing women in the world " Like Simone and Charlotte ".

Orlok also breaks the fourth wall in very subtle ways. Such as looking at Marishka and remarking " Just remember! In all the Adaptations, the fair haired bride DIES FIRST. "

During a Conversation with Van Helsing about Dracula, Orlok remarks that Dracula is not really anything special, whilst " I am the one hiding under your bed, Teeth ground Sharp and Eyes glowing Red! ".

When arriving in new York, after having been hit by a Destroyer, Adam says " We have entered Hell... " to which Orlok responds " So then this must be Dis? Funny. It doesn't look much like how Dante Described it to be. "

Orlok also breaks the flow of the story. Orlok makes very accurate guesses to future members of the Creatures of the night chapters before they actually arrive. " I'll be in my Quarters, let me know when some Canadian werewolves jump on board our little clubhouse. ", " Well Victor, it seems you'll be making new monsters for us, eh? How's about you Conjure up something From Hell? ", " Yes, Yes, just let everyone just walk in and join us, Soon we'll have robots and aliens on the team, won't we? Sleeping with the Enemy indeed." and usually snarks " Told you! " after the monster he guessed join.

When talking about what to do after the war, Dollface says Orlok could go to Hollywood and star in Movies, Orlok responds with " Are you Daft, Little girl!? Who do I look like, Willem Dafoe!? " ( I wonder how many of you get THAT one? )

Orlok one time remarks that his greatest weakness is not sunlight, not the cross, not Garlic, but bad Eurodance music.


I have a LOT to say about my favorite film Vampire, like I'LL be his voice actor! No one get's Orlok but me.

Count Graf Orlok first appeared in 1922's " Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens ", directed by F.W. Munrau. He was portrayed by German Actor, Max Schrek.
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