Daizua Neo - ZUDARKZA Picture

(Multi-headed creatures are difficult to do)



Giver of Life

Theme Song: "Vela, Together We Await The Storm" by The Human Abstract

Height: 1,700 ft.

Length: 2,100 ft.

Weight: 300,000 tons

Faction: Neutral

Aliases: Giver of Life, Father of All Things, Eight-Branch Snake, Hydra (in Greek mythology), Yamato no Orochi (in Japanese mythology)

Type # 3 - Uber Class

Voice Actor: Alan Howard (Sauron from The Lord of the Rings)

Status: Deceased

Season Appearances: 1, 4

Cause of Death: Sucked into miniature black hole

"There is no life in the void, only death."


Before time began, there was an eight-headed serpent called ZUDARKZA. No one knows where he came from, only that he created the universe and filled it with life. One day, he was corrupted by an unknown force and nearly destroyed the world. The beast was eventually slain by Fire Lord OLMAKA. However, Zudarkza is still alive, and he can't take physical form yet. While he awaits his rebirth, his severed heads were born into the Spawn; TUAGOR, TUATAGOR, DRUGOR, SHOOGUA, QUIRAQ, VAGNOK, LAGUGU, & GOANSHU. One of them holds the power to revive this ancient demon, and if it happens, it will mean the end of the world...


-Each head manipulates a particular element (Earth, Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind, Venom, Light, Shadow)

-Completely invulnerable; can only be harmed by the Blade of Nitram

-Able to live on without a body (as demonstrated in statues and abandoned temples)

-Will die forever if control Child dies and Zudarkan diamond is destroyed

Character © Nick Dodge

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