Ladon Picture

Here is a character me and Nuke thought up of last night

Name: Ladon

Species: Dalmatian

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Height: 1'1" from shoulders down/1'3" from head down.

Weight: 8lbs

Build: Average

Side: Good

Likes: Resting, Studying Mythology, Staying with friends and Swimming.

Dislikes: Evil in the world, Annoying Pups, The Weak-Minded.

Friends: Clayton, Kendra, Doc, Nuke, Buzzsaw, Daisy, ETC.

Hates: Almost Everyone on The HeartBreaker gang.

Loves: Malinda. Believes That She Belongs in a better situation and Needs love.

Description: A Nice Friendly Pup. He Was Abandoned when was a pup and was ditched in a Box in front of The Dearly Farm a day after Christmas. Finding No Where To Go, he stayed on the Farm and lived there. Upon First Sight With Malinda, he was suprised to hear that She Was Working for The Side Of Evil. He Believed That she had Good Inside her and all She needed was Love. Ever Since then he tried to win her heart.

Spot Pattern: He has a Patch Of Black that covers his Muzzle and Leads Upto His eyes to Look like a Y Shape. His Front Legs are Full Black and He has a Blot On His right Hind Quarters.

Collar Color: Yellow

Voice Actor: Ed Speleers

I hope you guys like the pic
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