Seamour Lunafin Picture

For Freaky Fusion, I created my own Hybrid monster: being part werewolf, part siren.

Seamour Lunafin

Personality: Street-smart, confident, witty, sly, mischievious, and a flirt but cool, kind, loyal, and calm. He has little to no respect to authorties saying respect should be earn not given. He tends to get angry when he loses or things don't go his way. He has good sportsmanship but tends to be a sore loser when losing.

Appearance: Blonde-brown fur with brown hair, eyebrows, and nails, a golden feather bang over his forehead, violet eyes with sunglasses, and wears a biker's hat with golden chain and emperor's crown, a black trench coat with two pointy ends that looks like a mermaid's tail, silver bracelets, blue top, black and brown crisscross belt, demin pants, and grey boots with black buckles. He also has golden wings

Parents: A werewolf (father) and a siren (mother)
Age 16
Killer Style: I like biker clothes to make me 20% cooler and clash in some greek accessories.
Freaky Flaw: Not only I shed a lot of fur but feathers as well and I can't hide my wings away. What else ain't cool is whenever I sing cute girls are like under some kind of daze.
Pet: Don't have one yet.
Favorite Activity: Singing and dancing
Biggest Pet Peeve: People thinking I am arrogant and egotistic. I maybe cool and smooth, but I do not like it when people think they look good. Also I hate losing.
Favorite Subject: Swimming and Music. For swimming, it feels relaxing and I love a good race and for music my specality.
Least Favorite Subject: Mad Science, the only thing great is making potions, the rest is confusing.
Favorite Color: Blue and gold
Favorite Food: Fried chicken, chicken-fried steaks, and sea food
BFF's: Avea Trotter, Bonita Femur, Sirena Von Boo, and Neighthan Rot

Voice Actor: Kevin Miller

Inspired Dodger (Oliver and Company) and Wolfrun (Smile PreCure). Drawing inspiration Wolfrun, Clawd Wolf (Monster High), and Sirens (Greek Mythology)

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