In all this water Picture

Who was it that started this whole making Vux aquatic busyness? That is my new hero. In a plot I looked over there was mentions of a fan-made water temple for these creatures: It turned up to be an ancient cage to trap humans or androsinth.

The way it worked was that in order to enter or progress the oxygen into the temple at least one Vux guard would have to swim in and open a switch that no human could trigger without drowning; thus keeping the humanoids in line and the Vux free to explore the cage.

One day may come where I can design that cage; but for now, here's a goddess outfit to fit said temple mythology.

Star Control and all of it's... beautiful... creations are (c) Toys for Bob
Those wings are (c) Jak 3
The water is (c) photoshop
The lensflares are actors of the new Star Trek Movie
The magic key in his hand is mine
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