Top 10 Hottest Animated Guys Picture

10. Valmont from Jackie Chan Adventures - This was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. Valmont was always a favorite character. His British accent, snobby ways, and utter incompetence made him a blast to watch and yet somehow he always managed to stay sexy too.

9. Free from the anime/manga Soul Eater - I love Free because even though he's this big, powerful, immortal werewolf with a stolen witch's eye, he's really a klutz and a screw-up. He's not very mean at all. If anything I'd call him more of an anarchist than a villain. He's just funny and his sometimes child-like ineptness and a pretty nice body make him into a rather sexy character.

8. Pharaoh Ramses II from The Prince of Egypt - I liked this movie a lot when I was growing up. Even though he's the film's villain there is something attractive about him. I suppose because they almost portray him as a sympathetic sort of character who is driven to some of the extreme measures he takes. I'm not really saying the film takes his side as opposed to that of Moses but it looks at it differently than others have. Anyway, this just made him interesting. I also love ancient Egyptian culture and Ralph Fiennes (the actor who voices Ramses).

7. Soul "Eater" Evans from the anime/manga Soul Eater - I like Soul for a lot of reasons. For starters I too love motorcycles, leather jackets, and the piano. More than that though, I like the way he manages to keep a cool head in most situations. He usually keeps a fairly positive attitude even if he is a bit standoff-ish. I guess the biggest thing that influenced me to like Soul is his complete and utter devotion to Maka. He is willing, on more than one occasion, to die for his meister. Not just everyone would do that!

6. Prince Neru from the PS2 video game Summoner: A Goddess Reborn - I've liked Neru for quite a few years, since my sister first played the game while I watched. I thought he was funny in a biting, sarcastic sort of way. I liked his martial arts skills as well as the fact that he found a way to turn his extremely long braid into a sort of weapon too. I liked the way the voice actor made him sound classy and a bit sexy. In all honesty, I liked the fact that he reminded me of Ramses in The Prince of Egypt which I watched a lot back then.

5. Draco from Dragonheart - An awesome mythological beast voiced by Sean Connery, what could be better than that? That movie always tugged at my heartstrings and made me cry. I love how he and the knight Bowen are able to overcome their prejudices and work together... to con people of all things! It's sort of a comic concept in a way but eventually they have to become heroic and they definitely do so! It's just a great film and Draco is just a sexy character... like most of Sean Connery's characters for that matter.

4. The Beast/Prince Adam from Disney's Beauty and the Beast - This has been one of my favorite movies since I first saw it as a little girl. The Beast character always appealed to me as much as the Belle's, who I also love! I have always liked the idea of a person being different than they appear on the outside. I think it really served as a precursor to my OBSESSION with The Phantom of the Opera as I got older. Anyway, I just love how the Beast starts out so bitter and angry and yet because someone shows him kindness, he reveals the beautiful person that he is inside (and I don't mean by turning back into a prince.) He becomes so kind and caring. He is no longer a spoiled prince or a beast. He has become a human! That is his greatest transformation. Robby Benson's voice work makes his so lovable and believable!

3. Dr. Franken Stein from the anime/manga Soul Eater - He is just a wonderful character on so many levels. He's funny. He is very intelligent. He shares my love of both medicine and science. He becomes a beloved teacher to the students. He is extremely brave and skilled as a meister. The best part though is that he isn't perfect! He is a flawed human being. He's rather insane, to be blunt, or at least he can be at times. The commendable thing about Stein though, is that he knows he has problems and doesn't want to be a victim to them. He doesn't want his madness to destroy him or anyone else around him that he cares about. Thus, he works for "good side" and is encouraged to use his skills for helping others. I don't know. He is just a very interesting person all around.

2. Monkey from the PS3 video game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - First off, who knew that the man who voiced Gollum for Lord of the Rings, Andy Serkis, could actually have a hot voice? Well, in this one he does! I like Monkey because he's very sarcastic and antisocial but he still manages to find in his heart to do the right thing and help the young woman, Trip make it home. Well, he does sort of end up her slave at first but they make friends and he ends up helping her 'cause he likes her. He is interesting because even though he is powerful and very tough, there are things that he knows nothing about and seems even childish about. He wasn't raised around people. He doesn't even know his real name. He's just a neat character. I'm not quite sure how to describe him any better. Just play the game!

1. Giriko from the anime/manga Soul Eater - OHMYGOSH! I can't tell you how hard I've fallen in love this character! The dumb thing though is that I can't give you a list of really great reasons. First of all, I suppose it might have something to do with the voice actor again. J. Michael Tatum has the most fascinating and oddly sexy voice! Giriko is an extremely blood thirsty and psychotic character, which usually doesn't appeal to me, but something is different about him. It might be the way that at times he comes off as being almost pitiable, if only for a moment. It's not explained very clearly but it seems like in some way or other he's basically a victim of some original ancestor who was able to pass along his memories through his heirs. After 800 years of this it seems to have taken it's toll. He gets confused and almost acts a little like there are too many voices in his head all trying to get him to say different stuff at once. He never mentions anything to that effect but it looks that way to me. In the manga, he states that nothing matters. He has nothing to live for but to kill. After 800 years he can no longer control his anger or his blood lust. It's just sad and kind of pathetic that his life means so little to him. Makes you think he just needed a friend or some love to show him what life can be, hence my love for the Giriko x Justin Law pairing. In the manga you see that Justin really needs love and what not too so it would have been awesome if they could have helped one another! I suppose I could just kidnap them both and love 'em both up! Ha ha! Just kidding! That would be creepy. I can only have one so Giriko you are coming home with me! Sorry Justin! Ha ha! I'm not a creepy stalker or obsessed fangirl... honest.
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