Monster Mash OC - Benicio Picture

The Inappropriately-Timed Monster Mash Lineup continues with Benicio Argento, the obligatory buff werewolf guy who happens to be an albino Rom. The fact that he's a Heroic Albino also helps to subvert the stereotype of dark-skinned Roma.

Personality-wise, Benicio acts like a real-life wolf. He never smiles with his teeth (if he does it means he's going to rip your throat out), believes in monogamy, he's very protective towards his current "pack", he relies more on scent than sight, is a cunning hunter, and his Big Badass Wolf form is a majestic white wolf. Also he's a badass.

Yes, he's supposed to have short legs.

Once again I can thank TV Tropes for the whole Hounds of God thing (found under the Mythology folder in Our Werewolves Are Different). Apparently the Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, and Professor Lupin wasn't just making shit up.

Also named after Spanish actor Benicio Del Toro (who starred in The Wolfman remake) and Italian gialo director Dario Argento (which means "silver" in Italian iirc).

Bi the way, Benicio swings both ways. He's just looking for an ideal mate to spend the rest of his life with.
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