My Top 10 Favorite Movies Picture

Yes, they're all animated. If you don't like animated movies, piss off.

10) The Brave Little Toaster
This was the movie I watched over and over again as a kid. While it's not nessicarily as close as it was back then, it's still a great movie! The sequels, on the other hand, can be a hit-or-miss...

9) Robots
This was a funny movie. It has some of my favorite actors and actresses (namely Robin Willaims, Drew Carey and Amanda Bynes) and some familar faces to film enthusiusts (Mel Brooks, Greg Kinnar, Ewan McGregor). And of course, the humor was top-notch!

8) The Princess and The Frog
Reminding Everyone Why They Fell In Love With Disney To Begin With After Years Of Decent-to-Forgettable CGI Movies, Princess and The Frog managed to make us feel like a kid again, watching a movie from the Disney Reinasaunce.

7) Monsters Vs. Aliens
Dreamworks can be a swing-or-a-miss when it comes to animated films (And Even Moreso with Film Sequels). But the first to actually "WOW!" me was Monsters Vs. Aliens, especially seeing the film in 3D. Withint the first 5 minutes, you'll see eye-popping, mind-boggling 3D that we didn't even know was possible.

6) Hercules (Disney Adaptation)
Why do so many people hate this movie? IT'S FUNNY. And don't give me any of this "It's Historically Inaccurate" Bullshit, because it's mythology, which means, IT'S NOT HISTORY, IT'S MAKE-BELIEVE. Also, who doesn't love James Woods as the smooth-talking Lord of The Dead?

5) Wall-E
Proving you don't need pages worth of dialouge to make a great film, Wall-E was a very touching, yet somewhat political movie. Imagine if our future wasn't too far off from what Pixar had in mind...

4) The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton's Masterpiece, combining two of the greatest Holidays of the Year into on big smorgazborge of a film, along with spectacular music and lovable characters. I don't think I need to say anymore.

3) A Bug's Life
My second favorite Pixar Movie is Pixar's Second Movie. It's sad to see this movie doesn't get the praise it deserves (Heck, it's right up there with Cars...), but what the heck, I still love this film, its characters, and everything else about it.

2) The Toy Story Trilogy
Opening the gateway to 3D animation (and also showing us how Sequels need to be made), Toy Story is the first thing that should come to mind with you hear the words "CGI Movie". Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are a dynamic duo, and throw in Joan Cusack in the later installments for a terrific trio!

1) Aladdin
I don't care what you say, if it isn't the BEST Disney Movie ever made, at least you can agree with me that it's the FUNNIEST. Every character, every scene, every song you hear just sprays out Disney Magic. And Robin Willaims, always the comedic genius, steals the show yet again!

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