Loki the god of mischief Picture

This is a drawing of my most favorite OC character of mine named Loki. Yes, he is from Norse mythology. He came from inspiration after watching Son of the Mask, and even though the movie was crap, I thought Loki in there was hot.

(The actor is one of my faves too lol)

The only thing I changed is his hair cause the movie it was too goofy.xD so I made him goth and with spikes.

But this is NOT the same Loki from the movie. I put him in my own story, and his personality is more mischevous, mean, and he dislikes humans, cause he thinks he's more better than them cause he's a god. But he's not mean all the time lol. Oh and he's a bit crazy and likes to cause trouble. xD

His weapon is a huge, long sword that turns into a necklace. Its there in the pic lol.

oh and uh...don't ever call him old. he'll kill you. xD

anyway, I'll post more characters later.^^
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